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Industry Transits towards Meeting International Standards

Paul Blundell
CEO-Programming Research (PRQA)
Wednesday, September 5, 2012
Paul Blundell
PRQA develops static analysis and coding standards compliance tools. Headquartered in Surrey, U.K. and Boston, U.S., the company helps organizations develop high quality C and C++ code-software which generates results that are reliable and safe. Founded in 1993, the company is headed by Paul Blundell, Chief Executive Officer. Paul brings with him a sea of experience in the software industry including several start-ups. A dynamic leader, he has held key positions at various international companies over the last 30 years including Spectrum Energy and Exploration Services, Merlin Geophysical Ltd, and Sefel Geophysical. Paul is keen on finding the right talent in India to set up a development centre here and he explains how C++ is catching up with C language.

Helping Achieve Standards:
At PRQA, we build and develop static analysis engines which are used by testers and developers to develop good quality code from the onset. The tools also help developers meet international standards like the ISO, MISRA C, MISRA C++ or the JSF. Our work is to analyze the codes and find defects in them. So we are all about failure and prevention of bugs in software. The key industrial area we work in is the embedded software markets. We are now aiming at the enterprise market too. Infotainment is another sector we cater to which is satellite navigation and that can be applied across any industry such as the medical industry. Because of our expertise we figure on international standards committee for C++.

Trends and the Growing Markets:
We have had a 30 percent growth in our revenues this year. We see potential growth in automotive, aerospace, defense, medical and consumer durables. Another area that we now see growing is the enterprise area and banking system, especially dealing systems.

Automation in Germany, Japan and America is big. India and China are also catching up fast. US., Europe and China are very big in defense. The Medical industry is becoming a lot bigger especially in U.S. and Europe. We have very big growth rates in Korea. In China it's a lot of space and in South Korea it's largely automotive and consumer products.

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