India- Becoming a Haven for Young Entrepreneurs

By Anju Gupta, Co-Founder & President, IvyCap
Friday, June 5, 2015
By Anju Gupta, Co-Founder & President, IvyCap
Focus on high quality professional entrepreneurs from the premier educational institutions, IvyCap Venture Capital invests in early and growth stage companies across various sectors including Healthcare, Food, Education, Technology and many more.

With its huge consumer market, fiscal target to achieve greater and consistent growth rates in the economy, and growing funds being made available by the government to support innovation, India is becoming a haven for young entrepreneurs to start out on their own.

The recent spate of growing valuations of Indian entrepreneurial ventures, emergence of entrepreneur role models, changing perspective among youngsters due to the positive outlook for startups and increased financial as well as logistical backing are encouraging more and more young graduates to set up their own ventures rather than slugging it out for cushy jobs. This trend is a healthy sign for the Indian economy and a positive push for India's future entrepreneurial growth.

So why are we as a country of the top recognized educational institutions in the world not turning out greater volumes and quality of entrepreneurs in the country, creating more innovation that will transform technology and economic progress? How can we cultivate more entrepreneurs, identify the diamonds in the rough, and get better at nurturing those who have the potential of growing into market changers.

There is a need for sustained support at the grassroots level for these innovators, to hand hold them beyond just financial support to understand whether/how their innovation can be applied in the real world, strategize on how to transform their innovation into a commercial venture, mentor young entrepreneurs on the basics of business strategy, marketing, revenue models and more, and provide the venture with technical expertise, physical testing labs, long term sustained mentoring beyond just infrastructure to build out and grow their idea.

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