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Scrutinizing People, Process & Technology is the Key to a Secure Financial Empire

Maheswaran S - Regional Specialist - DLP, APT, Websense, APAC Region
Friday, June 5, 2015
Maheswaran S - Regional Specialist - DLP, APT, Websense, APAC Region
Websense, Inc. is a global leader that provides advanced security solutions to shield organizations from cyber attacks, malwares and data theft, by protecting sensitive data, increasing productivity and embracing compliance standards. Born in 1994, the Austin-based company is highly acknowledged for its scalable, unified appliance and cloud-based TRITON APX solutions.

  1. How do you see the BFSI landscape in India?

    The model of banking has transformed significantly in India. Every consumer wishes to bank from anywhere, anytime and from any device, today. Banks are successfully realizing the rising expectations and technology has made this paradigm shift absolutely possible. The technological revolutions have also enabled financial organizations to beget innovative business models which have significantly improved operational efficiencies, reduced costs and augmented their productivity. However, such new models have also become a breeding ground for a gamete of risks. One instance can be in an electronic card payment system, data can now be directly accessed and processed by customers and service providers as well as other outsourced partners. This means that the data which was protected within a fixed information ecosystem is not there anymore. Thus, it becomes very important for banks to evaluate and re-visit their security postures constantly.

  2. What is your thought on a safe and secure financial industry?

    Technology has indeed revolutionized the phase how the businesses run. However, with banks and other financial institutions continuously adapting to the up-to-second technological fluxes, they have failed to fathom the fact that the process also presents compounded risks for them. The threat landscape has raised its ugly head and attacks are now becoming more targeted and more organized. Hackers are joining forces to effectively lodge attacks to ensure that are able to steal the information they desire. They, in fact, have moved a mile further and they hack into a banks' system where they try to gain the trust of the high-heeled users, and once they get the necessary credentials from them, their purpose is served. Thus, it is becoming important for those organizations to raise the security intelligence of the end-users and security administrative.

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