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June - 2015 - issue > 20 Most Promising Software Development Companies

IDSi Technologies: Helping Clients - Reach the Pinnacle of Success

Rashmisree Deb
Tuesday, June 9, 2015
Rashmisree Deb
Software development industry in India has played a crucial role in putting India on the global technology map. According to Gartner, the India's software revenue increased to a whopping $4 billion in 2014, an 8.3 percent rise from 2013 revenue of $3.7 billion.Not surprisingly, the growing industry has laid out a launching ground for many software development solutions providers who possess the affinity to build a cost-effective high-end software development empire which is driven by innovation and research.
However, several of them, to win the rat race of reaping more revenue, confine themselves to become mere service vendors. But IDSi Technologies 'a leading software products and services company' on the other hand, goes above and beyond the typical boundaries of a vendor and handholds the customers throughout the entire lifecycle of a project.

Begetting Futuristic Technology-Driven Solutions

Founded in 2004 in India, IDSi - a proud venture of IDSi International Inc., U.S. - provides a broad-spectrum of finest services on ground-breaking technologies which is essential for complete automation. The enterprise provides some of its home-grown products and solutions on ERP, Workflow Engine, Document Management, CAD Engine &Automation, GIS (WebGIS Map Viewer), Mobile Technology and Compliance & Reporting solution. With its wide contributions, the Kochi based company embraced recognition in Indian government solutions through its products such as AutoPlan - a CAD based software that allows Urban Local bodies and Development Authorities to check the Building Plan as per their Zonal and Development Control Rules. TG - Codigi a Paper Less Office and E-Office solution and SOLIDBLOX ERP.

While many system integrators pick various products for ERP, Workflow, Document Management from different vendors and integrate together, IDSi stands a cut above the rest with all products and solutions under one umbrella. Thus, with a perfect blend of product/solutions and technologies, IDSi has become a single independent company who has the knack to take clients' business to a newer height.

TheCMMI Level-3 certified company, IDSi has been successful in overcoming several glitches including eliminating paperwork, reducing operational process cost & time, delivery service and more. Penetrating deep into the business problems, identifying the pain points where solution can provide transformational changes, communicating and reviewing has helped clients to optimize quantifiable RoI from their software investment.

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