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iCustomMadeIt: Bestowing a Work Aura that Constantly Fuels Work Prosperity

si Team
Friday, June 3, 2016
si Team
Bringing the true sense of luxury of customized artifacts at people's fingertips, iCustomMadeIt.com initiated its operations around mid-2014 in Pune as the only online marketplace in India to curate artisanal creations from artists, creators, designers and artisans spread across the globe. The platform brings to the palate 30000+ listings and varied and one-of-its-kind product across 33 categories that can be customized and bought. Fueling the legacy of strengthening new initiatives and art of capitalizing on new trends, the portal has recently launched a whole new genre of 3D printings and bespoke watches. Last year, the venture turned the limelight on itself by raising $250,000 in its third angel round from a group of eminent individual investors and has witnessed phenomenal three times growth in its last quarter.

A Look into the Success Ingredients

Generally, for a startup with such unique proposition, attracting best talents turns out to be a difficult feat, and iCustomMadeIt was no different. But its first-mover advantage that pushed it to the crescendo catered to the needs of its complications, while its seamless customer experience did the rest. Today, iCustomMadeIt derives strength from its team of 72 highly-skilled and young personnel, who love to impart their own brands of out-of-the-box prowess and exuberance.

"e-Commerce is set to experience a phenomenal growth on the back of progressive penetration of internet and smartphones in the hands of the Indian consumers. We are strategically driving this young and vibrant team and carry this organization through to dizzying heights in a not so distant future," proclaims the buoyant Anamika Bist, VP, Category Management,iCustomMadeIt.

While its major emphasis vests on the veterans, iCustomMadeIt hinges on new prospects of empowering fresher minds, who are absorbed majorly in content, designing and such other key units. Though with 70:30 (experienced:fresh) ratio, the company rolls out equal opportunities for its employees to proffer their best and soar higher. "Working at a start-up is a lot more than a regular job; you have more experience in all fields. iCustomMadeIt encourages continuous development and contribution from all employees. I am encouraged to be the best I can be, and I get plenty of support to achieve that," adds a happy employee of iCustomMadeIt.

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