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Hara: Taking Technology to Greener Pastures

Jaya Smitha Menon
Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Jaya Smitha Menon
Hara enables strategic, enterprise-wide, environmental and energy management across an organization and its value chain. Companies and organizations gain transparency and control of their entire organizational metabolism – beyond just their carbon footprint – to optimize their use of resources including energy, water, and raw materials, and the corresponding emissions and water waste and carbon created. We give customers the ability to identify, prioritize and track initiatives to improve efficiency, track results in a way that provides an auditable trail, and innovate based on best practices.

Entry into the environmental and energy management solutions/green IT space
I saw a lack of understanding by businesses around their utilization of natural resources and the resulting environmental impact. “Being green” is no longer just a CSR objective – it is now a core business priority as organizations look to increase their operational efficiency, maximize shareholder value and mitigate risks. I wanted to create a company that could resolve a significant problem and I felt that environmental and energy management innovation was a need that I could address.

Market place/opportunities for environmental and energy management solutions
The demand for solutions that enable companies to more effectively utilize energy and resources and manage their environmental impact is rapidly accelerating in both the private and public sectors. More and more, organizations are turning from spreadsheets and homegrown systems to enterprise-level software such as Hara EEM, which can help them automate these processes and meet their energy and resource efficiency requirements. As more top level executives look to achieve cost savings through energy management, we expect to see this space continue to grow and feel that Hara is in a great position to capitalize on the interest in this area. Customers choose Hara because we are 100 percent focused on their challenges, and a proven partner.

Changes to expect in the market place in the next 5 years
The market will continue to grow at a rapid pace, primarily due to the financial benefits, value creation and risk mitigation that organizations can gain by implementing solutions like Hara EEM. The bottom line is what matters most, and CSOs and CFOs are increasingly seeing the benefits of working with Hara to identify, prioritize and track their energy and resource reduction initiatives.

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