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Glow Touch Technologies: Nurturing a lasting Employee-Customer Relationship

Vimali Swamy
Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Vimali Swamy
The multi billion dollar ITeS industry is a competitive one and with big wigs like IBM and HP taking more interest in the services industry, the future looks rosy too. But in an industry where every one in a rat race to gain the larger share of the pie and rake in big ‘moola’ by stepping into every possible area of IT services, Glowtouch Technologies thinks otherwise. Founded in 2004 by Vidya Ravichandran and her father Dr. Ravichandran, Louisville, Kentucky headquartered Glowtouch believes in doing some thing different. Rather than focusing on every possible service offering available in the market today, it provides specialized offerings in niche market segments. But more importantly, rather than chasing a list of clientale, the company first and foremost focuses on its employees, for Vidya knows that a happy organization translates into a happy business practice and a satisfied customer base.

“The ITeS segment is known for the high rate of attrition and employee and personnel issues. But we at Glowtouch have been able to overcome this since the beginning,” she explains. Currently with employee strength of 800 in its headquarters at Louisville and development center at Mangalore, India, Glowtouch takes pride in the fact that its attrition rate has been one of the lowest in the industry. In fact, some of the employees who started during the founding days of Glowtouch are still continuing with the company and faring very well in managerial positions. Over the past few years, the company has received several awards and accolades for its organizational culture from STPI and FICCI and also be recognized as one of the fastest growing companies by Inc 500. “The key to achieving a wide recognition has been focused approach in the domain we are involved in and relying on the strengths that our senior management and employees have been able to bring to forefront,” beams Vidya.

Employees - The Real Assets
One of the founding principles of the company was to build an organization that celebrated and took pride in its resources. Hence it was a conscious decision to set up the company in Tier 2 cities in both U.S. and India, the reason being the level of commitment that comes across from the talent there. Unlike Tier 1 cities, where the talent scout is very intensive, leading to high attrition, talent in Tier 2 cities is more stable and prefers in long term relationship with organizations.

The back bone of any organization is the management and employee culture on which the entire business relies on. Glowtouch, since day one of its founding, has encouraged a transparent and entrepreneurial environment, with entrepreneurial culture not only practiced by those at management level but also those at senior employee level, by taking a sense of ownership in what they do. “Essentially, one of the things is that we are not afraid of is to admit if we are wrong. From the CEO to the bottom most level, no one is afraid of making mistakes and or even to learn from it. We believe in taking risks and to initiate this challenging bent of mind, the company ensures that the employees are not tied down by a stringent corporate structure or policies,” says Vidya, President, Glowtouch Technologies.

Over the years, the company has managed to build a strong talent base by scouting people across geographies with just the right mix of passion and attitude. Despite being 800 people large across two continents, Glowtouch still exudes the aura of a close knit family and leaves no stone unturned to keep the family together.

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