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ElasticBox receives $9 Million in Series A Funding

SI Team
Tuesday, April 8, 2014
SI Team
Mountain View, CA based ElasticBox, an enterprise solutions provider that simplifies the application deployment and management process has raised $9 million in Series A funding from its seed investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Intel Capital, Nexus Venture Partners and Sierra Ventures. The company has raised a total of $12.4 million in funds till now. Previously ElasticBox raised $3.4 million from funding, led by Sierra Ventures and accompanied by AngelPad, Raymond Tonsing and its current investors. ElasticBox was co-founded by Ravi Srivatsav and Alberto Arias Maestro in 2011. Prior to cofounding the company, Ravi served as the VP of Product and Strategy at Social Gaming Network (MindJolt), Director of the MySpace Games and Developer Platform at Fox Interactive Media in Beverly Hills, CA and has worked for Microsoft, IBM, and Rational Software.
ElasticBox’s goal is to build a platform which will make it as easy as possible to develop, deploy, and manage applications for any cloud infrastructure. The company having around 50 employees, is pioneering a simplified, modular, service-based
application development process, where fully configured components of application architecture are encapsulated as “Boxes” and made available as a service.
"Historically, a healthy tension has existed between developers, IT Operations, and the CIO. Developers need cloud resources on-demand; IT Operations seek to build best practices and streamline the application lifecycle; and the CIO wants to drive business innovation without compromising governance," says Ravi Srivatsav, Co- Founder & CEO, ElasticBox.
The ElasticBox platform was purpose-built to enable developers and IT operations to innovate new applications across private, public, or hybrid clouds, without worrying about implementation of the underlying infrastructure.

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