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De facto Infotech: A 360 Degree Approach Towards Customized Solutions

Anitha TS
Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Anitha TS
The current market trends are highly indicative of enhanced demand for Microsoft products in India. The amount of information contained in distributed systems has increased significantly during the last decade. Migration of purpose-oriented systems to circulated environments, enhanced use of Internet & intranet applications, and technological improvement in the end-user sectors are all causative aspects. There is awareness on Microsoft products and how they would benefit a business venture. Trying to bank upon this positive trend is De facto Infotech, a Microsoft service provider with nearly two decades of professional experience.
De facto Infotech, based in Mohali, Punjab, since 1996 offers Microsoft solutions and strategic services to firms located around the world. It has been an extraordinary journey as the firm kept expanding its horizons to different areas of expertise over the years. Strongly built on the core business values, resources and skills, De facto has become a well known name within the industry for its unique credibility. Currently, De facto focuses on Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Application Services, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Core Infrastructure Services and Microsoft SharePoint.
"We have always strived to build remarkable solutions to increase business productivity for our customers. We stand by our core values which helps us stay out of the rat race and emerge as a winner in our domain. At De facto, we follow a 360� approach in creating customized solutions, we go all-out to strike a balance by combining our expertise with the business objectives of our clients to provide deliverables within the budgeted amount. When our customers are in relationship with us, they find us always prompt, always flexible, always an expert and we will continue being so," says Sukhvinder Singh, CEO, De facto.
De facto has an inspiring client base consisting of Fortune 500 companies, small and medium organizations, government institutions and educational organizations located across the globe. Some of them are Aaron Equipments, Accelor8 Technologies, Alaska Pacific University, Government Monetary Authority, and Sinet Technologies. These clients found the route to success much shorter with De facto whose aim has always been to address the ongoing challenges with the best services in technology by combining business expertise with the client's requirements.
De facto successfully retains all its customers with services that were always the best and perfect, and nothing less than that. The much appreciated services are the end result of well thought out strategies that mark the perfect blend of professionalism, deep research, flexibility, hard work, expertise and time bound efforts. There is a special focus on understanding and effectively tackling the current concerns with the best services possible. The firm continues to employ the best talent when it comes to professional expertise and utilization of skills. At De facto, employees believe failures are not to be ignored but to be assessed for faults and bring out improvement in the desired areas. These professionals receive specialized training sessions that help them remain updated about any development, minor or significant, in the concerned domains.

Looking Ahead
De facto has constant collaborations with Microsoft India, and together there are plans to concentrate on Cloud Computing, ERP Solutions, Software Assurance and many others in the coming years. In addition, the company is already in talks regarding new ventures in domestic market in 2014. Last year, the estimated growth of De facto was 200 to 300 percent and the firm is optimistic about a higher rate in the imminent future with such expansion.

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