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Amalgamate Latest Technology with Business Objective

Rajiv Sharaf
CIO-Reliance Infrastructure Limited
Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Rajiv Sharaf
Reliance Infrastructure Limited (BSE: 500390) is a private sector enterprise power utility company and a part of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company is the distributor of electricity to consumers in the suburbs of Mumbai and has a market cap of Rs.9486 crore.

In the past decade, technology has changed at a faster pace as compared to the previous two-three decades across the world. The organizations were needed to adapt themselves to the technological changes to better serve the changing needs of the internal and external customer or else face the threat of getting obsolete. The best examples in the recent times are companies like Motorola, Nokia and Blackberry. These companies were among the leading players across the globe; still they failed to understand the changing needs of their customers. They could not provide innovative and creative product range for their customers and subsequently lost their market share to companies like Apple and Samsung which invested heavily on innovative products.

Presently, CIOs need to have a better understanding of their businesses and the prevailing technology in the industry so that they are able to balance and deploy a solution/technology which gives optimum benefits to the organization. The major thrust of the CIOs is to provide the solution that suits their business rather than emphasize on the latest technology/solution available in the industry.

Manage Data Privacy/Protection

Initially the applications were developed with Client-Server architecture and the total data resided on the server with restricted access to a selected few in the organization. In the last decade with the deep penetration of internet services across the globe and very high cost of adapting to the changing technology, most of the companies have migrated from owning their IT infrastructure with a data center and disaster recovery sites to CLOUD computing.

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