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Mewanshwa Kharshiing
Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Mewanshwa Kharshiing
Most engineering aspirants would dream of earning a position at a leading MNC; but not for the two engineers who were working for a reputed MNC in India. They left their cushy job and stepped out into the unknown to form a mobile product startup from scratch. Divyesh Kharade and Jinen Dedhia who were roommates in Mumbai incepted Deltecs Infotech at the age of 23. In the prospect of pioneering a mobile learning and mobile engagement platform for businesses in India; they noticed the need for a mobility product for enterprises in terms of learning, training, communication and other multimedia delivery platforms. Hence began the journey to become the 'who's who' of the knowledge app industry.

The Rough Road of Breakthrough Innovation
In the initial stages of the company during their inception in 2007, Divyesh faced the universal challenges of startups like cash insufficiencies, and decline of funding from investors who were at a nascent stage in funding budding startups like Deltecs. In addition to the cash dilemma, the company also faced problems of quality resources which were overcome by leveraging IT services.
The Mumbai based company, had bootstrapped and started out first with services. Soon theyreaped the fruition of their patience as revenue generated from services was relayed in rolling out their first successful product called DRONA Mobile in the year 2010. This mobile application makes it easy to create media-rich and interactive content for enterprises to engage in learning, push it to the user and track their effectiveness. It is extensively used by companies like Essar, Genpact, Airtel, and the likes.
The catalyst for breakthrough came when the Kutchi Angel Network in 2012 invested in the prospect of Deltecs to consolidate the market through their products in other geographies like the U.S.
Upon success of DRONA Mobile, Deltecs expanded in rolling out other mobile compatible applications, like DRONA iVoice and BizPunditz. All the apps are based on a pay per seat license. Units are sold on a basis of per customer, per annum through their services on the cloud. Recently the company launched Teamgum, which is the extension to DRONA Mobile app and is intended for the customers globally as all the apps are currently targeting the customers in India. Teamgum will help the manager to monitor what his team is reading at the runtime. One can also integrate it with Google Search. "Mixing knowledge management and enterprise networking and making it more powerful as a learning tool is what Teamgum is all about. We are planning to launch Teamgum in a social event at Amsterdam called 'Social Now'. This is in hopes of reaching a million sign ups which will encourage various enterprise teams using it and get a lot of value out of it," says Divyesh Kharade, Co- Founder, Deltecs Infotech. Getting a global traction for all their products, Divyesh and his team is planning to soon raise another round of funding to make it large within the industry. He plans to use the fund to strengthen the engineering efforts for Teamgum and take it completely into different level when it comes to engineering of an app.
Founders: Divyesh Kharade and Jinen Dedhia
Founded: 2007
Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra

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