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ClayLogix: Channelizing Data into Valuable Information

SI Team
Thursday, January 9, 2014
SI Team
Big Data, Security, Cloud, and Social Media have become some of the top techno priorities for organizations today. Channelizing data from amorphous to structured arrangement is becoming intricate for the businesses these days. A large share of data is unstructured which transmits in the form of e-mails, documents, videos & images and many a times, negligence of the same leads to duplication of works, wastage of time and resources. ClayLogix is trying to address these challenges focusing on solutions and services in the area of Big Data or Business Analytics. "Many of the organizations are very 'data rich' but 'information poor'. Everything that we do revolves around data or how organizations drive intelligence and operational efficiency from their IT assets, especially their data," says Mehul Rajparia, CEO, ClayLogix.

Founded in 2012 by a 35-year old business group, ClayLogix provides Database Migrations as a flagship service along with other services including Business Analytics, Business Process Management, Database Support, Application Development and many more. In its SAP service portfolio, it focuses on SAP's Real Time Data Platform (RTDP) and also provides Value Added Reselling and Professional Services for products around RTDP. In addition, it helps SAP customers and partners to adopt SAP's Data Platform. This involves training, migrating to RTDP, providing technology support on various projects, and even managing 24x7 environments. With BFSI and Manufacturing as key verticals, the company has aided many global organizations budge to a better database technology. This at times require complete application modernization initiative where it needs to migrate legacy database to mainstream database, move associated application, and support the new platform.

The management team at ClayLogix has deep roots in the 'data world' and the 'process world'. It takes a very process centric view to any data management and business analytics complexity. "We strongly believe that all IT solutions or services must help businesses to grow. The unique combination of Business and IT alignment to deliver sound solutions is our USP that has helped us to address business challenges and mark a special spot in the competition curve," adds Rajparia.

Being a part of a large organization, the core focus of ClayLogix is customer satisfaction with its remarkable technical know-how and process driven thinking. All of its innovation revolves around making life easier for its customers. The company encourages employees to conduct regular information sharing sessions, project discussion, following forums and news groups to identify and invest in building repeatable chunks that will help drive customer satisfaction. The company intends to build its own intellectual property in the area of industry specific Big Data appliances. For year 2014, board of the company will be investing in building this IP with the goal of having two industry specific models ready by end of 2014.

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Posted by: VIVEK MANILAL DHARIA - 16th Nov 2014
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