Stefan Heinloth, MD & Chairman of the Executive Board, DQS Holding GmbH & Dr. Murugan. K, MD & CEO,
Friday, January 10, 2014
Stefan Heinloth, MD & Chairman of the Executive Board, DQS Holding GmbH &  Dr. Murugan. K, MD & CEO,
UL DQS India (registered as UL Management Systems Solutions India Pvt.Ltd.) is the Indian subsidiary of DQS Holdings GmbH. The company provides assessment and certification of management systems and processes for various

Many enterprises enter into the business world every day, but the once which actually make a long lasting presence are those who are fanatical about the quality they deliver. Successful businesses inevitably place great emphasis on managing quality control to ensure that the products and services offered to the customers are consistent, reliable and exceed their expectations. The national and international assessment bodies appraise the quality aspects of the businesses and provide certification which helps the organizations to establish a culture of continual improvement with respect to efficiency, quality, higher security, minimum effect on the environment and many more.

Organizations see a dual value in a good certification. First, the company has a proof of international quality which will help them in attracting international customers; another biggest advantage is that the company gains knowledge from an external expert about the current stand of the company and also the areas with improvement potential. Certification helps the businesses to decide upon a road map to improve processes, products and people. Organizations can also learn from the risk identification that happens in a good order, a good certification should entail both the qualities and facilitate enhancement of strength.

Quality is all Pervasive
Quality is a single thing which is all pervasive irrespective of any industry, product or organizational level. But probably there are some sub sectors which are not fully addressed in national and international market. For an instance, Auto Retail, a sub sector of automotive major has hardly any international standards prevailing. We would like to address sectors such as hospital industry, hotel industry and hospitality which are not appropriately attended by any national or international standards.

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