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Today, the need for a reliable networking infrastructure is more than ever before. In the current globalized economy, IT managers are required to make the network available to anyone without time or place constraints on all the devices in a secure and reliable fashion. While all this would increase the dependency on networks, CIOs are also concerned about uptime issues in the need of an upgrade.

These emerging new trends seek out for a strong, robust and dynamic infrastructure to provide optimum mileage out of its ecosystem, a less of which might affect their I/O performance. With network uptime becoming more critical every day, keeping up this I/O performance has become one of the biggest challenges for the CIOs who in turn are looking forward to networking providers to help them get through this crunch.

In addition to traditional data transfer, new IP reliant applications such as VoIP, video streaming, line feeds and surveillance systems are continuously emerging in offices. As a result, faster and more reliable networking infrastructures are required to ensure that business critical applications become future proof and return on investment can be improved. There is a high demand of insistent and proactive focus on cutting edge networking technologies and true professionalism to deliver the same.

To address the crucial need for CIOs to find the ideal networking company, siliconIndia identifies "10 Most Promising Networking Companies". A distinguished panel of the industry's topmost CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analytics including siliconIndia's editorial board scrutinized the list of networking companies throughout the year. The list intends to help you chose the networking company that suits your specific requirement and help your enterprises to realize greater scalability, reliability manageability, security, and RoI.

10 Most Promising Networking Companies in India
Company Founder/CEO Founded Description
Dax Networks Limited
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Sudha Jagadish
1986 A provider of widest range of LAN/MAN/WAN Networking products.
Digant Technologies Pvt Ltd
Bangalore, Karnataka
SaiPrasad Rao
2005 A provider of computing and RFID reader products. It designs and manufacturers products under RFID, Industrial systems and Industrial single board computers.
Dynalog (India) Ltd.
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Akshay Adhalrao
Managing Director
1978 A provider of Microprocessor Training Kits & PCI Add-On Cards to Industrial Ethernet Switches, Communication Gateways & Multi-port Serial Board solutions.
i7 Networks
Bangalore, Karnataka
Manjunath M Gowda
Co-Founder & CEO
2012 A provider of network security to detect all the devices that are trying to connect to the corporate network.
INI Technologies India Pvt. Ltd
Cochin, Kerela
Promod Luckose
Managing Director
1994 A provider of design and implementaion of network infrastructure based on proven approach using the latest tools and techniques.
Sanghvi Infotech
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Jigar Sanghvi
1996 A provider of end-to-end wireless services and creating Radio Frequency infrastructure and wireless services.
Smartlink Network Systems Ltd.
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Bimal Raj
1993 A provider of converged communication systems in the field of networking and offers an integrated value proposition from design to development and from sales to marketing, services and support.
Targus Technologies Ltd.
Gurgaon, Haryana
Col. Balwinder Singh
Managing Director
1997 A provider of system integration, network integration, software solutions and strategic IT Consulting right through IT implementation to customers.
Tejas Networks Ltd.
Bangalore, Karnataka
Sanjay Nayak
Managing Director & CEO
2000 A provider of network management solutions like SDH/SONET, CE and DWDM product lines and provide the capability for customers to manage all products in the MSPP product line and for managing heterogeneous multi-vendor technology networks.
ZyXEL Technology India(Pvt.) Ltd.
New Delhi

Madhukar Swayambhu, Sales Head (India & SAARC)

Gary Chen, Head of Operations-APAC

2006 A provider of cost-effective network infrastructure, smart home solutions and management software for end-to-end customer solutions.