Lend a Hand to Scale from India to the U.S.

Anup Gupta
Managing Director-Nexus Venture Partners
Friday, January 10, 2014
Anup Gupta
This is a natural progression from an era when India has been established as a leading hub for providing IT services. One trend we are seeing is that many home grown companies are now developing technologies that are best-in-class and are achieving global leadership. Years ago, one was seeing several U.S. returned entrepreneurs leverage India for development, but we now see Indian teams developing world class products in India and scaling globally including the U.S. market. Examples such as InMobi, PubMatic, Druva, ScaleArc, CloudByte, Datagres, and Indix illustrate this trend. When some companies require assistance in going global or building their U.S. teams, we help them with our network.

Hot Sectors to Invest
Cloud, storage and data management are the hot sectors in the markets today. A lot of exciting innovation is happening in these sectors. The combination of cloud, social and mobile is creating some path breaking opportunities for start-ups. For example, how can one leverage the abundant information on social networks (while maintaining confidentiality) and predict demand, consumer sentiment, price and so on.
These are very exciting times for start-ups because new set of exciting opportunities are providing intuitive and easy access to content, products and services to millions in emerging markets who are going "mobile first" and have not experienced Internet through desktops. In that manner, we are excited about Internet and technology enabled businesses addressing Indian and emerging markets.

Areas of Focus for Entrepreneurs
As a part of globalized market, the entrepreneurs should focus on solving a specific customer need very well other than trying to do multiple things. Be flexible and listen to market feedback is another much needed characteristic for an entrepreneur and also leverage available technology rather than trying to build everything in-house. Last but not the least, 'hire people who are better than you'.

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