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Centina Systems: Enabling Customer Service Providers to Assure Quality

SI Team
Tuesday, November 5, 2013
SI Team
Increased competition and the rise of the Internet has forced communications service providers (CSPs) to rethink their secure positions as service providers, and increase their competitiveness in the marketplace. They must leverage their existing enterprise relationships, their network expertise, and capitalize on their strengths in the areas of reliability and service quality management. Centina Systems was formed in June 2006 to address customer grievances with the existing legacy Network Management products in the market. Based in Texas, the company is comprised of a team of visionary professionals with a wealth of experience in telecom and information technology and provides service assurance and service quality management solutions for communications service providers (CSPs) worldwide. At the helm of the innovative company is Anand Gonuguntla, Co-Founder and CEO.

Centina Systems, through its products, enables seamless integration with IT infrastructure. The company helps to reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) through end-to-end Service Visualization and integrated Customer Impact Management. Centina provides faster time-to-delivery with pluggable components for fault, performance, service management and device integration with event synchronization. The operations costs are reduced due to shorter product learning curve and point-and-click configuration of advanced functions. Centina's customer-centric service assurance solution ensures improved transparency in customer relationship management.

Centina's NetOmnia family of assurance and management solutions have redefined the market approach to assurance, incorporating features like enhanced SLA management, real-time, visual data analytics, customizable reports and dashboards for dynamic network views, and an integrated, plug-and-play architecture that provides actionable intelligence across hundreds of device-types and multiple types of networks. According to the results of its 2013 Customer Survey, which encompassed over 20 customers spanning three continents, the NetOmnia service assurance solution has improved network performance by an average of 58 percent.

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