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Kaseya: The Go To Complete IT Management Cloud Solution Provider

SI Team
Sunday, November 3, 2013
SI Team
IT environments continue to evolve rapidly. With new trends like cloud-based infrastructure and applications, virtualized environments, and BYOD, organizations are continually grappling with new types of infrastructure and devices that need to be monitored, managed and secured. Kaseya, a global provider of IT systems management software helps companies to manage all these new computing paradigms, in addition to traditional systems and network management, by providing solutions so that organizations can focus on business growth and success, supported by a high performance, reliable, efficient, transparent, secure and manageable infrastructure.

Founded in 2000, Kaseya is the only vendor to provide a complete IT management cloud solution and an on-premise solution built on the same core technology. Kaseya offers software for IT systems management, network and cloud monitoring, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) management, cloud application management and administration, backup and recovery, and antivirus/antimalware, which are ideal for mid-sized enterprises and managed service providers.
"The difference that sets this company ahead of the competition is innovative systems like integrated IT systems management that allows organizations in a single pane of glass to view and manage all of their IT systems with IT configuration management, asset management, service management and automation, business continuity and security," says Yogesh Gupta, CEO of Kaseya.

Another aspect is the ability to monitor and proactively manage cloud, on-premise, hybrid cloud, virtualized and distributed environments, with business service management to map the infrastructure to the business services supported, and ensure their availability and performance. Named as Traverse, it is the easiest product in the market to deploy and delivers value to the business quicker than any other product in its category.

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