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SCIO Health Analytics: Impacting healthcare cost and quality through analytics

SI Team
Monday, November 4, 2013
SI Team
The marketplace is eager for actionable insights and outcomes from the volume of data available in healthcare today. There is a need for enterprises to position themselves as partners leveraging complete solutions, equipped with a suite of core analytics solutions that impact healthcare cost and quality. Headquartered in West Hartford, Connecticut, SCIO Health Analytics has been a provider of actionable healthcare analytic solutions since its inception in 2007. SCIO helps the healthcare market players such as insurance carriers, disease and care management providers, PBMs, large employers and life sciences organizations solve specific problems, with a focus on managing member/consumer risk, containing cost and payment reimbursement issues and increasing revenues.

"SCIO basically assists healthcare organizations in not only extracting useful information from the complex data but also adds insights to the process so that clients can solve significant cost and business performance issues," says Siva Namasivayam, CEO of SCIO Health Analytics while declaring that their solutions are aimed to reduce administrative and care related costs to improve efficiencies through a combination of analytics, business processes and expert resources.

Analytics served in various forms

The enterprise is extensively focused on new and additional ways to utilize its robust analytic capabilities and deep industry experience to provide additional value to clients by providing analytics that deliver actionable insights and solutioning to help clients who are facing increasing pressure to do more with less. SCIO provisions actionable analytics, business services and insights in the areas of payment integrity, care and population management, value-based benefit design, medication adherence, consumer engagement, economic modeling and outcomes measurement. In turn, these provisions improve healthcare services and results through the use of integrated healthcare data and proprietary algorithms and technologies, all of which is delivered from an expert team of business process and analytical resources across multiple delivery centers. SCIO has an expert team of clinical, actuarial, claims, legal, technology, business process and analytical resources across multiple delivery centers in the US and India, providing data-driven, platform-enabled decision analytics solutions and services.

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