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AppDynamics: Building the Next Great Software Company

Sagaya Christuraj
Monday, November 4, 2013
Sagaya Christuraj
The world runs on code. Every business relies on software applications, whether they're running in a browser or on a mobile device. These applications have undergone a major shift with the rise of cloud computing, distributed and service-oriented architectures, mobile technology and other significant trends in software architecture. This shift has contributed to an exponential increase in complexity, making the management of these applications more difficult than ever. As a technologist and architect working on these complex, distributed systems, Jyoti Bansal saw an opportunity to help enable people to manage these applications even as complexity increased. To do that, he would first have to build a product that would instrument every line of code in the world.

Jyoti founded AppDynamics in 2008 with the goal of redefining how modern businesses build, manage and analyze their applications. In order to achieve that, Jyoti would have to do three things:

1.Build a product that is powerful enough to solve the most complex problems facing modern applications today and in the future.

2.Create a user experience to rival the best consumer software applications.

3.Power it with a disruptive sales model.

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