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Building Up A Medium Scale Organisation

D. Ravi Kumar
Wednesday, November 3, 2010
D. Ravi Kumar
Building up a medium scale organization needs a focused approach to meet the end goals, which in turn need to be clearly defined right at the onset. While approach and execution depend on various external factors, they can be refined with time to better meet and suit the needs of the organization and its clients.

Having said that, building a medium scale organization can be challenging with constant concerns regarding funding, talent and clients. There must be several organizations that have fallen prey to inadequate plans and derisory implementation. The funding is the biggest concern and reason for most ventures not reaching the next levels in growth. In this phase where the organization has just been set up, talent acquisition is another big concern. Talent acquisition and retention in the face of larger competitors is difficult and tricky. Challenges like these are real and faced everyday in the initial term of the business.

In this globalized economy organizations are at a greater risk for repercussions that can make or break development. The challenge then arises in aligning your goals with those of your global clients. The fact that our revenues are interlinked with that of another economy makes it tougher to survive global economic meltdowns, such as the one experienced in the past few years. While larger organizations have the funds and the diversifications to help tide over a downturn, the medium and smaller enterprises can be severely affected.

Concerns on a local and global scale make sustained growth in any organization a constant battle. Steps need to be taken that can bridge the need of the present with the growth and development plans for the future. An organization needs to align its growth to its long term goals and is consciously taking steps in that direction. The resources, diversification and the strategic decisions are all in tune with the end goal; that of growth and success.

While there are no sure shot formulas of success and development, my experience shows that success and development of organizations depend on certain basics. These basics over a period of time become integral to the identity of the organization and also help set it apart from others.

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