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Akhil Systems: Providing HIS Technology that's Unmatchable

si Team
Monday, March 7, 2016
si Team
Healthcare is probably the most recent domain to embrace technology as doctors were not ready for the change. However, the multitude of benefits IT brought to the fore akin to reducing consultation time, lowering costs, improving efficiency and reducing error, while also providing better customer care and service, made them optimistic about using IT. But racking too much of brain to understand the complexities of adopting technology and bringing it to use still push technology reluctant doctors to corners when it comes to adoption. But Akhil System's (AS) Miracle EMR is quite different from the heard. It is designed to save time and doctors can have tailor made templates as per their specification.

While Indian healthcare industry juggles between lower-end and high-end technology providers, AS paved the way long ago to bring Make in India product to the fore that was equivalent to any global offerings, and engages innovative ways to develop products on latest technology trends to help hospitals completely digitize. Today AS is one of the pioneering HIS companies providing end-to-end solutions for Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Clinics, Diagnostic Centers and Pharmacy Chains. Coming with over 21 years of experience in healthcare, the company has the highest number of successful HIS implementation in India (implemented HIS from 20 beds up to 1800 beds). It also holds a strong market presence of HIS in Indian Healthcare IT and is expanding overseas as well with presence in Middle-East, U.S., Bangladesh, Philippines and Nigeria.

The Miraculous MIRACLE

Akhil has a wide range of offering under its Miracle Suite. While Miracle Enterprise HIS is a panacea designed for automation of clinical areas in large hospitals, Miracle Express & Premium HIS presents a compendium of web-based utilities automating various departments in small and medium-sized hospitals. The cloud-based Miracle EMR completely automates a single clinic with single specialty, multi-specialty polyclinics and chain of clinics using clinical standards like ICD 10, CPT, SNOMED and others. This module can also be integrated with HIS for automation of various clinical areas. A patient's clinical information is accessible on Patient Portal, which can be integrated with HIS & EMR, for the patient and the doctors.

While doctors nowadays prefer tablets for maintaining their patient records, it's also being used for surgeries. Akhil provides Miracle Mobile and Tablet app for EMR and Lab as well, which is available on Google Play for an easy download, and Miracle Patient Portal, an online tool for patients, helps patents get online test results, access their clinical records and others. There are several similar Miracles to talk about, which helped AS garner recognitions like 'Best HIS and HIMS Provider of the Year - 2015' by e-Healthcare Leaders Award, and 'Company of the Year - 2014' by CIOReview Magazine, amongst several others. The company has also been applauded by eminent names of the industry including Alchemist, Apollo and more.

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