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GlobalSpace Healthcare: Connecting Patients with World's Best Doctors and Hospitals

si Team
Wednesday, March 9, 2016
si Team
India is genuinely ready to take a higher position in Global healthcare. Besides the cost of treatment, which is just a fraction (15-20 percent) of what patients pay in developed countries, on quality front, Indian hospitals are nowadays JCI accredited, with best of technology and sophisticated on services part. Hence, today India is not only sought by people from underdeveloped countries grappling devoid of good healthcare (skills & infrastructure), but also by developed countries' citizens. More often than not, they don't attain the care they deserve and get stumbled by the uncertainty of expenditures, as they are unaware of possible options. Quelling this injustice is GlobalSpace Healthcare Technologies with its platform MedicoExperts.com.com, which leverages cloud to create virtual OPDs of the best of the Indian hospitals and extends them to different parts of world.

Right Mix of Healthcare & Hospitality

Hard wired to be patient-centric, MedicoExperts.com stands apart with its unique approach of making transparent transactions between doctor and patient, clear health view and right consultations. MedicoExperts Connect Centres (MECC) allows patients to walk in and consult with Indian super specialists sitting alongside their own local doctor. This helps patients to achieve both local presence and guidance to required assistance with transparency and care. Tremendous credit to its right blend of technologies for Healthcare and Hospitality, MedicoExperts.com has established its Connect Centres across Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Tanzania in Africa; Oman, Iraq and Bahrain in Gulf and Afghanistan in SAARC region; within less than year of active operations. Especially, in Nigeria, MedicoExperts.com is present in 21 states.

MedicoExperts.com' physical presence in various countries allows it to become the local guardian facilitating all needs of patients, when they travel abroad for a complex procedure. MedicoExperts.com's exceptional business model is pillared by its robust and resilient platform built by its technology experts in India as well as its sophisticated yet economic telemedicine solution. Besides people seeking five star IVF procedures, MedicoExperts.com is approached by people with Orthopedic surgeries gone wrong, patients just detected with malignant tumors preferring to be operated only by the best of the world and patients who have lost all hopes. A Dubai-based patient suffered from random unconsciousness was one such case. He was struggling for three years with different hospitals in different countries who were unable to diagnose, until he got in touch with MedicoExperts.com. Diagnosed with cardiac problem at Asian Heart Institute, within seven days of surgery, he got his life back.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - The 'One Family' Culture

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