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Xervmon: Simplifying Hybrid Cloud Management

Susila Govindaraj
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
Organizations across the globe have embraced the irrefutable cloud. Thanks to a unique pricing structure - Pay as you go model, where in companies can adopt infrastructure (computing, storage, networking, software and others) as a service. With no upfront CAPEX costs, reduced OPEX costs and many a times, with zero set up costs, adopting cloud is much easier decision. However, cloud migration and management consumes lots of resources, time and money due to the requirements of numerous tools and multiple vendors to manage all assets in the infrastructure with various complexities.

Xervmon helps customers by increasing productivity and reducing cost by simplifying entire cloud infrastructure lifecycle management with a unified integrated system to plan, provision, manage and monitor the workloads between your existing on-premise infrastructure or your new assets planned on public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure. Through the deployment planner module in Xervmon, operations team can easily plan and configure complex networks by drag and drop of components, then connecting these components and finally provisioning the network. Then the deployment can be included to participate within an out of the box business workflow process and automation engine.

The IT team including the system architects and project managers are empowered with tools to collaborate on architecture, security and scalability, cost analysis and insights. Within the same tool, Xervmon provides integration with monitoring infrastructure to monitor system stats across the heterogeneous systems spanning hybrid infrastructure.

The Texas headquartered company was founded by Babu Jayaram and Sudhi Seshachala buddies for 23 years, first collaborated in 2008, when they founded a consulting company that focused and specialized in helping customers adopt and migrate applications to the cloud. This experience led to a strong belief that an integrated multi cloud management suite was quite critical for organizations to adapt to the paradigm shift that was happening in IaaS space. Hence, the focus shifted from consulting to building products in the year 2012. Once it went live in January 2014, the successful product proved its worth by acquiring more than 50 customers across the globe including American Midstream Partners, Jacob Interactive, Seven Data center, and more in a short span of 6 months.

With the slow adoption rate in B2B space, novelty of the product's technology and lack of startup experience, the duo grappled to raise funds and faced challenges in hiring great winning team. Learning from the mistakes, founders have progressed well to be profitable in the II year of operations.

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