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Wings2i: Securing the most Valued Asset of Any Organization - 'Information'

Susila Govindaraj
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
The influx of cloud, big data, outsourcing and off-shoring along with the ever-rising increase in data types, speed and volume are forcing organizations to jump through the hoops of information security, data privacy and compliance; often driven by customer contractual requirements. Whilst largest organization breeze through them, it is fiery ride for SMEs since their budget limits them from attaining quintessential services. Wings2i IT Solutions avails the boon of quality knowledge services to global organizations - especially the SME segment, with quality knowledge and services comparable to those from premium consulting organizations. In a short journey of 5 years, the mid-tier provider has not only earned the trust of giant corporations with their incredible training & consulting services, but also won the hearts of several SMEs through premium end-to-end managed services as a true knowledge partner, with complete flexibility.

The Bangalore-based company was founded by Vinod Agrasala, a driven professional who was always striving to establish a cost-effective, value-focused, customer-driven and solution-oriented system, during his endeavors in various organizations. As he soon realized that he should build such an organization from scratch to do full justice to that vision, he founded Wings2i in 2009, and he started the mission along with Reena Ramachandran and Praveen Reddy, the other two directors of Wings2i. The founders' long term presence in the domain empowered them to get off the ground quickly with lots of industry references. As the word on Wings2i's superior services were caught like a wild fire, the company spread their wings from focus in service management and information security to quality, compliance, risk management and data privacy among others.

Their proven capability and experience in providing comprehensive services in a flexible combination of intervention or project based consulting coupled with managed ongoing & annuity based service models are being widely appreciated by clients and partners. This approach truly facilitates improvement in the customers' organization, while the key stake holders can focus more on their business priorities.

Wings to Innovation & Ideas

Since inception, Wings2i has been managing the ISMS needs of a leading VAS provider in telecom domain. The company astonished the customer and established themselves as their true knowledge partner by aligning services to customer's need from time to time and following flexible approach on their engagement model. Wings2i truly enables customers' business through willingness to scale up and down their resources, effort and deliverables at various times to enable customer's needs and even extending deliverables to areas that are related yet beyond ISMS scope where needed.

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