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Vestrics Solutions: Bestowing SMEs with Successful Juxtaposition of Affordable yet Exemplary Customer-centric Solutions

si Team
Wednesday, December 2, 2015
si Team
In the entire business community, SMEs hold over 80 percent of business. Amongst them, India hasworld's second largest number of SMEs; excluding the millions of technology-deprived SMEs operating unregistered. Despite being an imperative agent driving the country's economy, many SMEs are grappling devoid of adequate capital, effective marketing strategy and modern tools & technologies.

Holding a successful track record of implementing projects for SMEs during their tenures in various companies, VenkataSiva Reddy Polu, Narayan Reddy, Mujahed Sultan and Sravan Kumar Pothu (Directors of Vestrics Solutions), deduced that all these companies are busily chasing larger prospects, instead of giving full attention to SMEs due to its very nature of small scale operations and money. When their research reaffirmed that the voluminous SME segment would offer a good potential for growth, the four people established Vestrics Solutions, a remarkable ERP, mobile & web solutions provider, in 2012 with a dedicated focus and strategy to bring domain-specific solutions to SMEs with a cost-effective and 'customer is our boss' approach.

Designed for SMEs, Vestrics' diverse offerings encompass single solution for multi-requirements, cost-effective solutions and complete solution from a single vendor. It also grants more data access through multi-device. Along with regular SAP ERP implementations, Vestricshas built a few industry-specific solutions.

The Cutting-edge Growth

Operating with minimal cost, the four had to invest ample time in chiselling fresh talents leveraging their expertise; nevertheless, it helped Vestrics to provide affordable full scale ERP or technologies within the reach of SMEs without compromising quality and technology. Deliveringcent-percent successfulimplementations with user-friendly customizations not only established Vestrics as a leader in providing integrated solution for Indian SMEs, but also facilitated it to establish its presence worldwide. The company has also been growing at a splendid 250 percent rate annually, owing to its customers who unfailingly refer its services to their business relations.

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