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July - 2010 - issue > Technology

Ultra Jazz Mobile Internet Device Experience Mobility

Suman Kumar
Tuesday, July 6, 2010
Suman Kumar
Nowadays, electronic gadgets like Mobile Internet devices are gaining increasing importance in our day to day life. These pocket-sized devices offer rich internet experience taking mobile to its true extent. They come with host of applications ranging from email to suduko. Digital content opening endless possibilities to offer high-definition video with multi-stereo audio, these gadgets tend to provide a home-theatre effect. The interactive look-n-feel making them more user-friendly attracts wide variety of consumers. Analysts forecast reveal a growing consumer interest for this new category of light-weight, small, truly mobile equipment.

These devices being a bit short-sighted market view camouflages the expectation of the consumers. These devices targeted towards a range of consumers rather than specific category like business executives is a dramatic shift in market place. This paradigm shift created in minds of consumers alleviates the expectations market players have to offer. We envisage the next generation Ultra Jazz MID (UJ-MID) in the usage of these gadgets primarily for entertainment to the new market expectations in this global personal infotainment arena.

UJ-MID, on the other hand, takes a far-sighted view to enhance the lifestyle of the consumers. It may offer lucrative features like Instant Movie Maker, ESG (Electronic Service Guide and so on fuelling highly mobile lifestyle.

Consumers can enjoy outstanding performance for high definition digital video content like DivX. It can further enrich user experience by providing exceptional picture quality like 720p, resolutions up to 1920*1080 and advanced stereo support for audio. UJ-MID is also aimed to empowerconsumers to enjoy digital content (e.g. music) anytime, anywhere and on any device too. It may leverage on technological convergence like Digital Network Living Alliance (DLNA), 4G at different levels to provide features of various form factor. The host of features, services may include staying connected via social networks, having portable digital content available anytime and all the time. This makes it an ideal traveling companion that lets you enjoy “life-on-the-go” for all entertainment needs. UJ-MID can be visualized to be much smaller, sleeker, and lighter than ever, with incredibly long battery life thereby opening up a new market segment for such equipments. This coupled with an appealing touch screen display with applications like Face Beautifier, slideshow, music players (Ex: juke box), camera and a list of feature combination possibilities are an add-on to the user excitement.

Like most Net Books, UJ-MID can use processor like MIPS which are dominant in consumer entertainment segment for smooth and swift transformation to mobility world making technological convergence a reality. It can leverage services of these new families of low-power, high computing, industry-standard processor architectures instead of processors which are designed specifically only for MID’s.

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