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December - 2015 - issue > Startup of the Year - 2015: Interactive eLearning

TriByte: Adds interactivity to lessons, to make eLearning fun and exciting

si Team
Tuesday, December 1, 2015
si Team
Gone are the days when classroom training was the only option.Learning has gone through rapid and unprecedented changes, following the profound advances in technology.In the last two decades, utilizing internet and its astronomical reach, primary distribution of educational contents have been over only web portals.

Unfortunately, the delivery of this content remains archaic and tedious, testing one's patience and challenging the attention span. Major challenge areintermittent internet connectivity and different user experience with and without internet is hindering the ability to access learning content anytime, anywhere and clarify doubts while learning.

Here comes Tribyteoffering a robust platform thatovercomes the limitations of legacy learning systems with its passive video content and one-way communication.

For instance, one of our clients, Apollo Munich, the renowned insurance company, was providing IRDA mandated training to all its insurance advisors at its centralized office. An arduous task, given the geographical spread and inconsistent timings of insurance advisors. Now, with the help of TriByte interactive learning platform, Apollo Munich provides comprehensive training to its insurance advisors over Tablet, Smartphones and Web portal. Thus, today,advisorscanstudy and get certified, all at their own convenient time and place on a device of their choice unfettered by connectivity challenges.

Learning at Your Fingertip Anywhere Anytime:

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