TriByte: Adds interactivity to lessons, to make eLearning fun and exciting

Date:   Tuesday , December 01, 2015

Gone are the days when classroom training was the only option.Learning has gone through rapid and unprecedented changes, following the profound advances in technology.In the last two decades, utilizing internet and its astronomical reach, primary distribution of educational contents have been over only web portals.

Unfortunately, the delivery of this content remains archaic and tedious, testing one\'s patience and challenging the attention span. Major challenge areintermittent internet connectivity and different user experience with and without internet is hindering the ability to access learning content anytime, anywhere and clarify doubts while learning.

Here comes Tribyteoffering a robust platform thatovercomes the limitations of legacy learning systems with its passive video content and one-way communication.

For instance, one of our clients, Apollo Munich, the renowned insurance company, was providing IRDA mandated training to all its insurance advisors at its centralized office. An arduous task, given the geographical spread and inconsistent timings of insurance advisors. Now, with the help of TriByte interactive learning platform, Apollo Munich provides comprehensive training to its insurance advisors over Tablet, Smartphones and Web portal. Thus, today,advisorscanstudy and get certified, all at their own convenient time and place on a device of their choice unfettered by connectivity challenges.

Learning at Your Fingertip Anywhere Anytime:

Founded in 2010 by Seethaprasad Mandikel (Founder & MD) and Navin Thangiah (Co-Founder & Director), the Bangalore headquartered TriByte offers a smart eLearning package through an interactive learning platform that lets you upload and aggregate content from various sources and thus offer a cohesive and comprehensive learning module. This is especially useful for corporate houses for their all training needs.Our exclusive interactive platform for enterprises allowsdirect engagement with video content, including clarification of doubts and questions with and without internet connectivity.

Through its unique features such as Course Management and rich content - Audio, Video, HTML5 interactive applications, Assignments, Assessments, and Activities, TriByte brings the classroom experience to your fingertips. While making the content interactive, this platform also offers an integrated index to facilitate navigation of the video content to any point of time - online or offline. Seethaprasad expounds, \"TriByte helps owners of content distribute courses across devices both online and offline. We spend enormous effort and time to engage the learner with the interactive experience and make them focus, learn at their own pace and medium unlike the classroom. Our speedy implementations, platform features and maintenance,liberates the company to focus on their business with us doing the support and management of their technology needs.

Making TriByte indispensable, are its supplementary features such as - Assignment and Activities, Gamification, Badges, Course Management, Content Certification Badge, Domain Control, IP restriction, Offline Client, Offline Content Security, Progressive Private tokenized streaming, Skill Badges, Smart Proxy, SD Card Security, User Stamping, and Watermarking, empower any corporate to offer a comprehensiveinteractive eLearning systemto their employees without compromising on the quality of learning in conjunction with existing classroom facility.

Transforming eLearning Industry

While getting the right people on-board has been a challenge from the initial days, Seethaprasad managed to recruit an enthusiastic bunch of youngsters, who were trained to be the best.Somemore experienced candidates, fascinated by the concept, camethrough referrals and relatives. The interns undergo a compulsory 45-day activity-based training. Seethaprasad believes, \"Rather than formal training programs, we do activity-based training. New hires are made to complete activities on a daily basis with the help of the mentor. After 45 days, they will be part of the core development team working on the product features\".

Foraying into the eLearning industry to seal pre-existing gaps such asthe lack of efficacy in online education, the founders of TriByteoffers an online and offline interactive educational platform that not only helps in corporate training, but also in education. To the extent of instructing even farmers who couldn\'t be further away from technology. In an initiative of Govt. of Karnataka along with an NGO, 1500 tablets were distributed to assess the result of advancement in farming through technology. TriByte provided learning platforms localized in Kannada language for those tablets. And the result was delightful.

Within just five years from inception, TriByte has already reached more than 2 Lakhregistered users and is targeting five lac mark by the next year. To reach the mark, Seethaprasad and his team are integrating innovative features such as voice enabled interaction - online & offline with other cutting edge features in progress. Inspired by an ex-employer who advised, \"Build world-class product that are made in India,\"Seethaprasad and Navin are looking forward to transform the $102 billion eLearning industry through integrating innovative features to on-board millions of users and revolutionize learning in the coming years.


Key Management

Seethaprasad Mandikel, Founder & Managing Director

His experience in working with Fortune 500 companies and various top management roles is unparalleled. With his experience and expertise of over 19 years, he is responsible for defining the company vision and roadmap along with heading the technology and operations of TriByte.

Navin Thangiah, Co-Founder & Director

An IIM Ahmedabad graduate with over 19 years of marketing and business development experience in the telecom and FMCG Industry, he is responsible for the company vision, business development, strategy and marketing functions of TriByte.

Headquarter: Bangalore

Clients: Aakash Institute, Apollo Munich, Pearson, Edurite, Azim Premji Foundation, Takshashila, Govt. of Karnataka etc

Offering: An Interactive Learning Management System (LMS) with multi-device offline capability