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Techlites : Startup Doctor Helping Technology Product Startups

Anamika Sahu
Saturday, May 3, 2014
Anamika Sahu
Every startup has an interesting story and for Techlites Solution, the story unfolds here. Bhartesh Chhibbar, with 18 years of experience mostly in technology product startups, started Techlites in October 2012. In early years of his career, while working with Cisco U.S., he was inspired by the technology startup culture and gained enormous experience and exposure to the business aspect of the IT industry. In 2004, he decided to return to his homeland and cherish his dream to develop similar culture in India.

He co-founded a social multimedia messaging startup, RockeTalk, Inc. and managed India Operations. RockeTalk gave an enormous startup experience and challenges while working along with exciting bright young professionals. Realizing the problems and constraints of startup, he wanted to share his entrepreneurial experiences and enable new startups. "As a Startup Doctor, Techlites is engaged in molding the ideas of technology visionaries into reality from scratch and helps them overcome challenges like a mindset gap between professionals and entrepreneurs. My friends and co-founders Vikrant Singh and Henna Koul are helping me in this mission," reminisces Bhartesh.

The Burning Factors
While there are brilliant ideas flowing throughout the world, the burning cost is what pinches entrepreneurs dreams and wraps them within the clay. Here Techlites plays the role of a potter and molds the clay into the best pottery. Soon after finalizing the idea, Techlites takes care of the end-to-end solutions and equally contributes to conceptualize their ideas, and take responsibility towards the process of turning their idea into reality. The company loves to brainstorm and encourage those entrepreneurs, who have raw ideas to build their product. They help the startup to build their team along with the product. Work ethics and confidentiality are the two elements that Techlites has deep-rooted in their DNA. They do not share the IP of their client projects to others.

"We are not a typical IT Services company. We are technology incubators who cater majorly to product and technology startups that make us stand out of the crowd. We help them build teams and products. Our focus is not to just increase our client list at the cost of other client but to build-up world class products to exceed their expectations," says Vikrant Singh. These developments will help Techlites to create a reputation in the market and grow through word of mouth.

The Initial Defy

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