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TeamF1: Building High Performing Network and Security Software

SI Team
Monday, November 4, 2013
SI Team
The intensity, frequency and complexities of cyber attacks over enterprises are increasing by the day. However the software in operating systems and applications have gaping holes and are thus vulnerable to threats. Although traditional software makers have made headway in developing more resilient applications, embedded device and system makers lag behind in secure system design and development maturity. Finding an unfulfilled requirement of the market, two techies armed with relevant industry experience started TeamF1, a provider of performance networking and security software for embedded devices.

The toils of Mukesh Lulla, President and Vinai Kolli, Vice-President of Engineering gave birth to this dynamic company in 1998. The company's "production-ready" turnkey solutions empower wired and wireless devices world-wide for small and medium businesses and residential network connectivity. This includes applications ranging from business security gateways, UTM firewalls and network storage devices to home gateways and service provider routers.

The company that is winning big clients as well as partnering with several big weights in the industry credits its success to the low development costs which enables faster time to market. "Our offerings encompass the breadth of requirements for securely connecting devices: from high-performance routing stacks, hardware-accelerated security protocols to intuitive device management. We offer a complete and customizable OEM-focused security and availability platform that can protect your legacy systems and be the cornerstone of your next generation ones." explains Lulla.

As the internet of things becomes a reality, embedded software resides in various devices. Be it a smart phone or a car navigator system, the embedded connectivity and security requirements are on the rise. For TeamF1, its emphasis on high-performance also means squeezing the maximum out of constrained hardware. Since its software is embedded, TeamF1 works very closely with the hardware in order to extract the expected performance.

The company has built an impressive roster of products including the SecureF1rst line of turnkey software solutions and software modules. The SecureF1rst turnkey product range comprises of Security Gateway Solution (SGS), Managed Access Point Solution (MAPS), CPE Gateway Solution (CGS), and Network Attached Storage Solution (NASS), while the module product range encompasses security, IP networking, wireless, and switching products. "We offer a complete networking and security platform tailored to the embedded OEM/ODM market with well-integrated modular technologies including an IPv4/IPv6 network stack, Wi-Fi capable components and various complementary switching and security technologies." adds Kolli.

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