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VajraSoft Inc : One-Stop Shop for all Intellectual Property (IP) Solutions

SI Team
Sunday, November 3, 2013
SI Team
Intellectual Property (IP) management is a rather complex service and the industry is facing several criticalities such as a lack of end-to-end IP management services provider. There are concerns around increasing costs owing to supporting heterogeneous legal applications from multiple vendors. Also, IP executives are looking for managing global patent portfolio & financials, costs control & reducing spend, automating processes, patent filing strategies, Licensing strategies & systems. Coming to the rescue of the companies facing such problems is VajraSoft Inc., a cloud software application products and solutions development company. Apart from providing end to end IP management services, the company also builds cloud, enterprise applications products.

The company's claim to fame is the Thunderbird Intellectual Property (IP) Application Suite, a comprehensive IP management software, helping enterprise achieve the goal of IP Assets Strategic Management. It enables end-to-end IP automation to corporate customers leading to faster time-to-value. This turnkey solution automates global patent portfolio management, and also provides pre-built integrations with Enterprise Resource Planning-ERP's like Oracle, SAP - improving the ROI further.
"Our IP product offerings are in cloud and on-premise models and come in the form of Enterprise edition-for major corporations / enterprise customers, Professional edition-for patent attorneys, IP law firms, patent agents and Basic edition targeted towards small companies and startups," explains Kameshwar Eranki, Founder and CEO of VajraSoft Inc.

Apart from the innovative Thunderbird Intellectual Property (IP) Application Suite, the company also provides the Cloud Konnect Application Suite that integrates cloud hosted applications with enterprise applications. Targeting the life sciences vertical, the company provides the Pharma Cloud Application Suite that automates sales and marketing system for the life science industry.

With a host of radical and efficient services to provide the company has carved a niche for itself in the industry and is giving a stiff competition to its competitors. "Our key differentiator is our ability to provision end-to-end business automation for IP management including global patent portfolio and financials, integrated IP management software, IP asset strategic management" explains Eranki.

VajraSoft's products are all horizontal applications and are thus agnostic of industry verticals. However most of the company's clients are in the pharmaceutical industry, electrical, electronic, semi-conductor and manufacturing industries. The company is also Innovation service provider for the Center for Innovation (CFI) - a Pro Bono office for USPTO in Texas.

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