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Appnomic Systems: Gathering accolades in IT Operations Analytics (ITOA)

SI Team
Sunday, November 3, 2013
SI Team
As IT systems and web operations get more complex, the industry is struggling to keep up. The challenge to keep applications available, to provide end users with a fast online experience and to achieve these objectives at an acceptable cost has become the yoke of the IT Operations Management software and services industries. According to analyst firm Gartner, the IT Operations Management (ITOM) software industry is a nearly $20 billion market. Appnomic is tapping into a high growth new sub-segment of the broader ITOM sector called IT Operations Analytics (ITOA). Founded in 2006, Appnomic has grown to be a global provider of Software and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for preventive, application-centric and automated management of IT application infrastructures.

With reference to the potential of the ITOA software and services industry, unlike traditional application performance management (APM) or enterprise analytics software limited to reacting to IT incidents, Appnomic's solutions prevent them from occurring in the first place. The company enables this through Application Behavior Learning (ABL) technology and through a unique combination of monitoring, analytics and automation.

Simplifying Processes
Appnomic Systems' array of products and services has been specifically targeted, keeping in mind the ITOM software and services industry. AppsOne brings "Big Data" pattern discovery and correlation analytics to the IT operations of enterprise IT departments and large online companies. The software delivers Early Warning Alerts on enterprise and web application performance to help prevent business affecting problems. It also enables Automated Threshold Discovery (ATD) which eliminates the need for manual setting and maintaining of monitoring thresholds. OpsOne is a process automation solution that provisions data center resources, makes application configuration changes to enhance end user/business performance, and more. OpsOne complements AppsOne and, together, they provide a unique and compelling value proposition. Lastly, on the services segment, RIMS+ is a Remote Infrastructure Managed Services (RIMS) offer for AppsOne and OpsOne as a managed service. RIMS+ supports enterprise and Cloud company operations across the globe.

Prospective Success Ahead
Due to the company's successful service and product offerings, Appnomic Systems counts some of the biggest names in the industry as their clients. "Appnomic has seen a lot of traction with banks and large online businesses who have highly transaction oriented operations where end-user experience is critical to revenue generation," says Padmanabhan (Paddy) Desikachari, Founder and CEO of Appnomic Systems. This includes some of the largest banks and travel portals in Asia and the Middle East as well as one of the largest law firms in the World and a leading Semiconductor company headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. Not only has the company won over clients but has also won over the trust of investors and has raised $12.5 million from Norwest Venture Partners.

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