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AdeptPros: The Mobility Way Forward for Enterprises

SI Team
Sunday, November 3, 2013
SI Team
Enterprises have woken up to the fact that adoption of mobility applications can shorten sales cycles and serve as a better sales training and management platform apart from bettering communication within the organization. Getting the mobility strategy off the ground is the highest priority project for CIOs in 2013. However getting an efficient mobile strategy in place can be a daunting task. A CIOs toughest challenge is to figure out where to begin the entire process.

Simplifying this complexity for enterprise CIOs is a young and dynamic company that builds products and solutions for mobile and web platforms that reinvent how traditional businesses can tap the power of Mobile and Web 2.0. Found in 2009, AdeptPros' expertise lies in cross platform application development for enterprises. The company's team of developers, analysts, designers, testers and project managers form a strong base to work towards achieving on time and quality deliverables.

Taking into account the intricacies of strategizing and implementing a mobile strategy impeccably, AdeptPros offers end to end services ranging from enterprise mobility, systems integration, product development, application development, quality assurance, strategy, solution architecture, mobile tech support to training. "Our team has an expertise at creating enterprise mobile applications for Web using Java, .Net, SAP and SalesForce among others," adds Nallapati.

Keeping up with Trends
Mobile, Cloud, Social and Analytics have become new forces for enterprises. However, enterprises are short of talented work force that can help them chart their mobile strategy and approach. "AdeptPros developed and deployed hundreds of Applications for enterprises. We act as the CIOs aide in creating these four new forces for enterprises, which will bring improvements to their mobile workforce, engage customers and improve their business operations," says Nallapati.

Another factor contributing to AdeptPros' success is that the company can perform quick interactive testing that improves the quality of applications, alleviates technical and business risk and minimizes overall cost. The team first analyses and then determines the project requirement and needs before diving into development. The latter phases include design, technology use, code implementation, testing solutions, execution, evaluation and maintenance. The company also differentiates itself from competitors by having a market ready highly scalable work force.

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