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CliQr Technologies: Moving, Managing and Securing Any App onto Cloud made Simpler

SI Team
Tuesday, November 5, 2013
SI Team
Businesses are increasingly looking for ways to improve agility, time to market, and cost management. For many companies, the promise of resources on demand and variable costs (pay as you go) make cloud computing an attractive proposition. Existing business and technical applications are estimated to represent more than 90 percent of the total application landscape, but despite the promises of cloud computing, the vast majority of these applications have yet to move to the cloud. Complex migrations along with uncertainties about data security and application performance have caused most of these enterprises to let their applications sit on the sidelines and wait.

Enter CliQr a provider of complete cloud application management platform that enables businesses to efficiently move, manage, and secure any application from a physical, virtual or cloud environment to any private, public or hybrid cloud with no need to modify the application, or create cloud-specific scripts or VM images. Founded in 2010 by the CEO Gaurav Manglik and Tenry Fu, CTO, CliQr provides complete application portability with no need for further migration efforts.

CliQr's portability and cloud benchmarking environment allows businesses to run simultaneous benchmarks of actual application workloads across any cloud or cloud instance type. Once deployed, CliQr provides complete runtime management and optimization with policy automation and auto-scaling along with integrated governance for security, user and rights management and more. CliQr makes it unnecessary to modify the application, write cloud-specific scripts, or create VM images. Beyond migration, the company provides an intuitive runtime management dashboard and end-to-end data and network security on the cloud, providing the visibility and control needed to manage one or more applications on one or more clouds.

The Sunnyvale based company offers its Cloud application management platform, cloud security and benchmark price performance services to enterprises, software providers, cloud service providers and professional services providers. From its inception the company has raised funding of $8.1 million from the likes of Google Ventures and Foundation Capital.

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