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Tarah Technologies: Unleash automation with Machine Learning

si Team
Monday, January 2, 2017
si Team
We are in the middle of a historic moment. In the conventional paradigm a computer has to be programmed, so that it can perform actions as per the instructions. Now computers are being empowered to learn from experience. The breakthrough is called Machine Learning, a key enabling technology for Artificial Intelligence (AI). Via imbibing of Machine Learning, today's business as well as society will undergo AI powered disruptive Digital transformation. Being quick to sense this, Neelima Vobugari founded Tarah Technologies which she named after her daughters Tarini and Rahini. A boutique technology enabled Business Consulting and Competency Development company, Tarah Technologies offers best of breed solutions in the area of AI, Machine Learning, Business Analytics and Digital Technologies to medium and small sized enterprises alongside startups.

Tarah Technologies is a team of veterans with deep IT services and products experience, is also helping prepare an industry ready workforce to overcome the AI skill shortage via Competency Development in Machine Learning, Software Engineering and Analytics. "Our team consists of people with doctorate in Artificial Intelligence who have studied in premier institutes like IITs and IIMs," avers Neelima.

Living true to its brand persona, 'Augmented Intelligence for Automation', team Tarah primarily focuses on consulting for enterprises and startups in helping them tackle Digital disruption. In particular, the company helps them navigate Digital landscape via services in AI, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, IOT analytics, and Digital Marketing, alongside mobile solution development.

Historicaly focus was on CRM solutions leveraging popular platforms including and not limited to cloud based CRM products like Salesforce.com and SugarCRM. Explicating further, Neelima speaks, "In the process, we delivered services in configuration of CRM packages or customization of these packages. Additionally, we offer boutique Competency Development for enterprises, startups, and educational institutions in contemporary areas of Big Data including Hadoop and Spark, Business Analytics, Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, Software Analytics, Cloud Enablement, ITIL, Docker based automation and Design Thinking."

Tarah Technologies (Tarah.AI) caters its services to multiple verticals that include Pharma, Health Care, Financial services, and Edutech. "FinTech is another domain which we are aggressively pursuing. All of these areas indicate ample possibilities of applying Machine Learning for Automation," she informs.

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