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TO THE NEW Digital: Spearheading the Social Media Analytics Revolution

si Team
Tuesday, December 15, 2015
si Team
Social media has transformed the way decisions were made. Today, social media voices the opinion of consumers in a stronger and fervent approach, and companies are analyzing this data for their future decision making. Markets and Markets' recent report stating the social media analytics market to grow to $2.73 billion by 2019 highlights the huge potential the industry holds. But when it comes to India, the market is yet a tail of the matured ones. However, with realization of the importance of social media analytics, the status quo is changing. And agile analytics companies like TO THE NEW Digital are making this shift happen. TO THE NEW Digital invaded the turf of traditional advertising/marketing agencies who do off-the-shelf analytics and IT Companies who have long and tedious delivery cycles. Deepak Mittal, CEO, TO THE NEW Digital says, "Compared to other matured markets like U.S. and Europe, South East Asia and India have still not picked on the practice of data driven decision making. Over time, companies in India have realized the importance of social media as a crucial channel in the arena of digital marketing, but it is still limited to a nice to have service rather than a must have".

However, Deepak is quite upbeat about the potential of the digital analytics space and continues to educate and help his clients with best of breed practices and cutting edge tools & technologies in order to add maximum value to their businesses. TO THE NEW Digital is among the pioneers in India to provide all four services technology, analytics, content and digital marketing under one umbrella.

The Quandaries & the Unique Approach
With too much focus on social listening tools, clients get a plain classification of social data and marketers can't derive meaningful insights from them. On the other hand, even leading social media analytics companies lack domain focus when they are analyzing social media data. Adding to this, the over-obsession with metrics plays the evil as the output which advertising firms seek from social media analytics firms is metrics or KPI oriented rather than digital goal oriented. But TO THE NEW Digital follows a unique approach to solve these quandaries. The company understands that being a service provider, it ought to delve deeper and broader than what is provided by social listening tools, hence all of its solutions are tool agnostic. Our analysts and consultants are not only trained and certified on leading edge tools like Sysomos, Omnio G, Google Analytics, Omniture, Qlikview, SimilarWeb and Radian6, but are also industry experts who can contextualize the output provided by these tools and derive meaningful business insights for our clients. They know the nitty-gritty and nuances of various industries like FMCG, BFSI, Travel &Hospitality, Entertainment, Automobiles, e-Commerce and several others, cites Deepak. The company also has an Omni-Channel Analytics framework where it tries to educate the clients on why it is essential that they share their digital goals rather than metrics.

While customers touch points with brands are copious (for instance website, search, mobile apps, social media across multiple devices), TO THE NEW Digital takes a different route altogether. Instead of purely focusing on social as a channel, it tries to use analytics frameworks, methodology and tools to capture the entire customer digital journey for its clients. All the insights provided by TO THE NEW Digital are in the form of unified metrics that present its clients an apples-to-apples view of their customers digital journey across channels. However, catering to this ever changing dynamic digital world in itself is a Titanic confront. But with regular trainings and workshops, the company always ensures its team is well abreast with the latest technological advancements and stays in digital forefront.

On a Growing Spear

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