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Softlabs Group: The Entity that Walks the Talk with Customers

Kavitha G.
Tuesday, June 9, 2015
Kavitha G.
There are umpteen reasons which make India as a preferable software development destination; be it finest technical capabilities, positive interpersonal traits or enviable off-shore delivery model. With software industry transforming into a mainstream reality, the software development solutions providers are also not lagging behind in grabbing the bigger piece of the cake. But, are these qualities enough to propel a software development company to be the people's choice? No. Although the technology has created bliss of automation in every possible nook and corner of the business industry, adapting to the technology still remains as a major concern for the companies. While there are many software development solutions providers who mesmerize their patrons with their technology know-how certifications and strategies, very few are successful in standing apart from the 'Be all hat and no cattle' crowd. One of those few is a 12 years old customized software solutions company, Softlabs Group.

Embracing technology revolutions is rather a habit for the best minds at Softlabs, while their actions are driven by a stimulus of Mantra 'What you think is what you get'. "As bespoke software integrators, we have the affinity to understand software requirements with really good precision and develop robust software, which would have exhaustive set of features and long term sustainability," proclaims Mithilesh Bandiwdekar, MD & CEO, Softlabs Group. Not only their value-added services annex the appreciation, but even their after-sales services excel at making the clients comfortable in adapting to the technologies. The same force has also strengthened the bond between the customers and the company, thus making the hybrid software solutions company an entity to reckon on. With outsourcing services as their flagship offering, the company also has proven excellence in software development services (desktop, web and cloud based applications), responsive website designing, internet marketing and technology consulting. Company is also doing great with their newly launched native as well as cross platform mobile app development services for Android, Windows and iPhone.

The Success Saga

Incepted with passion as capital, fueling the business to take off was no easy feat for Mithilesh and his friend - the visionaries behind Softlabs. The two computer science graduates who had less than one year of working experience backed the organization by their sincerity and their inclination towards infusing values in their each endeavor to crystallize growth. Since then, the company has never turned back and today is a reliable and dependable software company. Driven by the core values - excellence, trust, innovation, integrity, transparency and teamwork, the organization believes in imbibing 'We are family' work ambience where mutual goodness, humbleness, innovation and focus towards the work are nurtured with care and due respect towards all. This has also enabled their employees to join hands together and contribute towards the needs of the customers.

With the ingrained passion for new technological tools and enhancing the skills, Softlabs empowers the team to hum along the advancements by conducting regular and weekly sessions of trainings. While regular sessions reap in the experienced industry people to mentor the team for further excellence, the weekly sessions of in-house projects include studying a particularly new technology related topic and sharing with rest of the team about the same. As the torchbearer of the company, Mithilesh has even stepped a mile further by encouraging his employees for higher education.

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