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Selectiva Systems: Setting the Benchmark in the Channel Driven Industry

SI Team
Sunday, November 3, 2013
SI Team
A majority of enterprises in industries such as semiconductors, medical devices, life sciences, high tech, networking and consumer goods depend upon channel partners (distributors) to move their products to customers. A macro perspective on the challenges includes the need to accurately recognize revenue and ensure compliance with revenue reporting standards. Secondly, having a day-to-day visibility of inventory located at globally dispersed distributors. Finally, the need to accurately process claims submitted by distributors (on time without profit leakage). Selectiva Systems, Inc, from San Jose, CA has positioned itself by providing a complete software solution to the channel driven industry that helps enterprises to complete their revenue recognition tasks at the click of a button, process claims accurately without over paying and also a complete inventory dashboard to track and manage their worldwide inventory at distributor sites.

Delivering above the Status Quo

The status quo at the channel driven industry currently means accepting legacy applications and error prone manual processes to complete critical business processes. Selectiva delivers above the 'status quo' by using product innovation and cutting edge technology to deliver business innovation that delights customers by simplifying their revenue recognition issues, ensures revenue compliance, reduces revenue leakage and providing complete inventory visibility resulting in distancing themselves from its competitors in value delivered. "What matters to customers are results, Selectiva delivers by improving their revenue reporting processes while at the same time eliminating revenue leakage between 2percent to 2.5 percent, directly contributed to the bottom line. We not only have repeat customers but also get significant word of mouth industry referrals from existing customers," says Milind Gokarn, CEO of Selectiva, while talking about the exclusivity of their strategies and their solution.

Elements of Functioning

Selectiva offers a range of revenue and compliance products that help automate manual processes efficiently. Their software includes Select*Revenue for Revenue Recognition, Select*Pricing for pricing management, Select*Inventory for inventory visibility, Select*IP for Royalty and IP Management amongst other products. These products have been developed upon a standards based framework for custom application development, named as Select*UI that provides a very intuitive interface for all Selectiva business applications.

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