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Sankalp Semiconductor: Building Impeccable Semiconductor Design Offerings

SI Team
Friday, November 1, 2013
SI Team
As designs in semiconductor and electronics systems industry are getting more and more complex due to convergence of technologies, the biggest need of the industry is time-to-market control, product development cost control and engineering productivity. Addressing these critical needs is Sankalp Semiconductor, an AMS semiconductor service provider to some of the largest semiconductor companies in the world. The 2005 founded company has developed automation technologies and design enabling IPs that address the critical needs of the industry.

Sankalp was founded by Vivek G Pawar, Executive Chairman along with a team of industry experts with a mission to create a world-class technology hub of mixed-signal semiconductor services and solutions. With a team of over 450 semiconductor technology specialists, Sankalp drives its mission through three strategic focus areas - bring second tier cities of India on technology map, attract proven technical leaders with entrepreneurial zeal and working closely with some of the topmost colleges in the country by being physically close to the college campus. These strategies ensure scalability and creation of a forward looking ecosystem.

Offering Solutions

With its CEO operating from Sunnyvale, CA, Sankalp provides a large roster of services including analog solutions in terms of power management, clock circuits and data converters; IO solutions for ESD and signal integrity, IO IP cores, library migration; digital solutions with regards to SOC/ASIC/MCU and derivatives, FPGA & virtualization, digital cell libraries; post silicon solutions such as post silicon modelling, test & characterization and mixed signal physical design for custom layout and design automation. "The portfolio of our enabling technologies and productivity frameworks in analog mixed signal domain to address power management, interface engineering and post silicon solutions are very unique and best in the industry," says Pawar.

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