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Rocket Science Innovation: Connecting Consumers and Commerce through Content

Susila Govindaraj
Thursday, May 7, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
Whilst many extraneous online advertisements annoy us enough to give up our favourite website, there is another dangerous breed of ads that try to sneak up on us by invading our private details as far as our names. Imagine how nice would it be if the online advertisements which are the bread and butter of our beloved websites and blogs, can further lend a supporting hand to fulfil our wish of targeted in-content information without stealing our privacy. By precisely materializing this idea, Rocket Science Innovation (RSI), a big data powered technology company, empowers clients (content publishers) to achieve an exceptional 5-6 percent Click Through Rate (CTR), while other advertisements are grappling to attain a 0.1-2 percent.

For instance, on the day Flipkart launched Moto G (Gen 2), countless ads were trumpeting its availability all over the internet. Meanwhile, RSI's ContentLink, a mobile-friendly product discovery & recommendation platform, automatically identified pages where its publisher partners, NDTV Gadgets and Indian Express had written articles about Moto G and inserted up-to-date and comprehensive details including price and feature comparison; which a potential buyer would actually seek. Resultantly, this widget posted on targeted pages resulted in an enormous number of high-intent clicks, surpassing the number that all advertisements all over the website were attempting to attain.


"There are three Cs in the online world - Consumer, Commerce and Content. We are linking Consumer and Commerce through relevant Content. We present the best information available - price, features and recommended offers - to enable Consumers to directly make a better decision in the simplest way possible," explains Biswanath Patel, Co-Founder & Director, Rocket Science Innovation. RSI identifies, understands and dissects every product, service & content and marries them using its superior Big Data technology backed by machine learning algorithms; thus magnifying the value proposition of publishers and endowing them with a new revenue channel.

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