Rocket Science Innovation: Connecting Consumers and Commerce through Content

Date:   Thursday , May 07, 2015

Whilst many extraneous online advertisements annoy us enough to give up our favourite website, there is another dangerous breed of ads that try to sneak up on us by invading our private details as far as our names. Imagine how nice would it be if the online advertisements which are the bread and butter of our beloved websites and blogs, can further lend a supporting hand to fulfil our wish of targeted in-content information without stealing our privacy. By precisely materializing this idea, Rocket Science Innovation (RSI), a big data powered technology company, empowers clients (content publishers) to achieve an exceptional 5-6 percent Click Through Rate (CTR), while other advertisements are grappling to attain a 0.1-2 percent.

For instance, on the day Flipkart launched Moto G (Gen 2), countless ads were trumpeting its availability all over the internet. Meanwhile, RSI\'s ContentLink, a mobile-friendly product discovery & recommendation platform, automatically identified pages where its publisher partners, NDTV Gadgets and Indian Express had written articles about Moto G and inserted up-to-date and comprehensive details including price and feature comparison; which a potential buyer would actually seek. Resultantly, this widget posted on targeted pages resulted in an enormous number of high-intent clicks, surpassing the number that all advertisements all over the website were attempting to attain.


\"There are three Cs in the online world - Consumer, Commerce and Content. We are linking Consumer and Commerce through relevant Content. We present the best information available - price, features and recommended offers - to enable Consumers to directly make a better decision in the simplest way possible,\" explains Biswanath Patel, Co-Founder & Director, Rocket Science Innovation. RSI identifies, understands and dissects every product, service & content and marries them using its superior Big Data technology backed by machine learning algorithms; thus magnifying the value proposition of publishers and endowing them with a new revenue channel.

Incessantly Broadening Horizons

Any buying process involves product discovery, research for details & reviews and price comparison. Attempting to simplify the comparison phase, Big data scientists and IIT alumni Biswanath Patel and Yogesh Tomar developed, an e-Commerce meta-search engine and price recommendation portal in early-2013 by gathering data from various eCommerce sites and cataloguing available products in top selling categories like electronics & mobile phones, and other niche categories like fashion and baby products. Despite the fact that BuyT had great traction, they soon realized that price comparison is just a small part and people need a holistic solution that adds value at every link of the purchase chain. Impressed by RSI\'s potential, ValueFirst, a Gurgaon-based digital marketing firm invested in the company around mid-2013. Abhishek Agarwala, an IIT alumni and entrepreneur, who has nurtured his own start-up, came aboard in early 2014. At that point, RSI started approaching publishers as the company decided to meet users in their flow of consuming content instead of trying to get them out of their natural browsing process onto RSI\'s portal - in a way, instead of trying to get people onto its platform, it took its platform to the people. Within four months of its launch, the revolutionary ContentLink platform not just became top affiliate of retailers like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon, it has also magnetized important publishers like Indian Express and Jagran, one of India\'s largest vernacular media houses. Not to mention, the plethora of emails the company receives everyday from bloggers who wish to integrate RSI\'s widget in their blogs.

Empowering Publishers to Monetize Mobile Traffic

Unlike the desktop world, it is highly-complicated to hop from one app to another in mobile. Aspiring to become the Google of mobile world, RSI uses its catalog of information collated from diverse places and provides a native interface for the mobile users of tomorrow. Considering that placing banner ads within the small mobile screen tend to distract users and is well-nigh impossible, effectively monetizing the skyrocketing mobile traffic is a crucial bottleneck content generators are struggling with. RSI\'s native & contextual widgets address this major hassle with highly-relevant real-time information units, which don\'t feel intrusive like traditional ads. And the proof of RSI\'s prowess is in the numbers. The company that is tied up with over 70 e-Commerce vendors and handling around 30 million products, is pushing around 5 million recommendations on its platforms daily. \"At the core, data is enabling us. We collated data and converted it into actionable, native widgets that users love,\" says Yogesh Tomar, Co-Founder & Director, RSI.

Being strong believers of the quality over quantity policy, RSI wishes to keep a small and agile team. Hence, the company strives to eliminate manual work and attempts to keep the platform as automated as possible. Keen on maintaining the work culture extremely like a start-up, the highly flexible company allows its people to work from home whenever necessary. The employees are always motivated, since incentives are linked to performance of the company and of the person.

As everything is falling in place with the rise of e-Commerce and mobile, the company has strong plans to expand vertically as well as geographically. After e-tail, it plans to add travel and services, big chunks of the lucrative e-Commerce pie into its generic platform. Similarly, once RSI has access to publishers and merchants in a new geography, it can easily tweak its highly-scalable automated technology to connect those easily. \"Our IP will be built around this plan for the next two quarters,\" concludes Biswanath.