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Radiant Systems:Leveraging Upon Past Experience to Secure Success in the Future

Sagaya Christuraj
Monday, November 4, 2013
Sagaya Christuraj
In the US, there is no scarcity of firms trying to establish their mark in the ever evolving IT industry. With so many players in the market, a company needs to really differentiate itself to leave its footprint in the industry. Radiant Group which offers end to end IT and enabled services to various industries has done just that with ease.

Founded in 1995 by Venu Myneni the current CEO, Vinod Koduru, COO, the Radiant Group has been consistently been delivering success since its inception back in 1995. The reason behind this is the experience that the company received when delivering successful projects to the government and private organizations in its homeland, India. The company combines years of experience of building and leveraging relationships, and building partnerships in the Government Sector, providing intellectual capital, and proven methodologies, through the company's business model and this paved the way for the firm to be successful in the US as well.
The company has two different wings in the US alone, namely RADGOV and Radiant Systems Inc. Through these two concerns the group has become a preferred vendor for more than 25 state governments in the US as well as many Fortune 500 companies.

Empowering Governments Through RADGOV

RADGOV, headed by Jyothi Myneni and Deepa Koduru, primarily focuses on local and federal governments in the US and offers e-Business solutions, data management, e-Governance solutions, application software development, telecommunications, embedded systems, IT consulting and other solutions to the government and private sector.

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