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OnSumaye Corp: Delivering On-Time Service with Complete Solutions

SI Team
Monday, November 4, 2013
SI Team
With the explosion of smart phones in the later part of 2000 and various platforms such as Android and iOS taking off, many companies had the desire to pounce on the opportunity to strongly position them self in this growing market. Although many tried but none could find the success that Onsumaye, which builds cutting edge web and mobile app solutions both for Fortune 500 companies and for innovative start-ups, did.

In the PC era, having a website was essential for any business to gain credibility. Today, with the growth in the mobile market, the website must work on mobile platforms. Additionally, more and more businesses require good functional apps available for download for their clients to just compete and stay relevant in today's marketplace. That is where Onsumaye comes in.

OnSumaye has helped businesses successfully take the 'mobile leap' in an effective and scalable manner. "Additionally, we are a global company both in our customer base and our staffing. This gives us a unique perspective when building a solution for our customers and a unique value as we are able to take advantage of lower cost geo for app development, yielding fantastic returns to our clients," says Peeyush Dayal, Founder & CEO of OnSumaye.

The company does this by building a business' online presence whether that is a website viewable on all devices, their marketplace with ecommerce engine, internal productivity tools to manage communication between departments or social networking tool that can bring a business' team closer. Unlike the other players in the segment, the company offers a complete online solution for any business without having to hire different vendors. Add to this the amazing customer service that the team at OnSumaye is proud of. By partnering with clients the company delivers the right solution and this has turned many of the clients into loyal customers to the company. Delivering the right solutions on-time was so important to Dayal that he named the company OnSumaye, which means, "On" (On) - "Sumaye" (Hindi for Time), meaning On-Time.

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