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Neti Software Services: Your True Partner ForCost Effective Product Development Services

Kanak Prabha
Thursday, February 26, 2015
Kanak Prabha
Pronounced as the Mecca of outsourced services, India's prowess in every technology domain has successfully grabbed eyeballs from across the world. With lot of innovation and product development happening here, opportunities for Outsourced Product Development (OPD) increased recently, which resulted in more collaboration in the development of products from across multiple locations. While there are infinite numbers of successful organizations that have built a strong brand name in the domain of OPD serving big customers, we can simply count such companies who serve SMEs on our fingers. These companies comprehend evolving customer needs and offer end-to-end specialized business process outsourcing solutions designed to meet rapidly increasing market demands of SMEs. Hyderabad based Neti Software Services spearheads these few with its out-of-the-box OPD offerings in the areas of Internet, Mobility, Testing and VoIP using Java, .NET, Python, MEAN(including Node.js, MongoDB), PhoneGap etc.

Neti Software was founded in 2011 by Suresh Kumar Neti (CEO) and Srinivas Neti (COO). Suresh has strong software development experience working in MNCs for over 20 years and having over a decade of experience in product development and OPD for customers from various geographies. Srinivas is very experienced in operations and management. The company competes with the bigwigs, but Suresh's experience is helping Neti Software serve SMEs and startups to their satisfaction.
The company focuses on

• New Product Development
• Product Rescue Services–redeeming and steering the faltering projects back on track, providing the required support technically and in program management
• Support – providing support for existing products
• Professional Services – implementing the products at customer locations
• Product Validation –products are subject to independent validation

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