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Navyug Infosolutions: Doorway to a Successful Career Path

Rashmisree Deb
Assitant Editor-siliconindia
Thursday, May 7, 2015
Rashmisree Deb
A company that goes along with the philosophy of 'All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy', is a Noida based off-shore software development company called Navyug Infosolutions. This brainchild of Sunil Prem, Sanjeev Kumar and Rahul Singh, ex-IITians was launched in the year 2010 by setting a single focus point on its vision - to become one of the India's top three producers of software solutions and products. Therefore, to live up to the vision, these three entrepreneurs crafted a culture that reflects the core values of the company, and coined an easily recalled acronym, 'WITAPES'. Built upon the foundation of WITAPES - Wisdom, Integrity, Technology, Atypical, People & Processes, End-Outcome and Self Management, Navyug seized a laudable reputation in the industry. It is for these work ethics, that the company has become a favorite work place for both seasoned veterans as well as newbie job seekers.

Navyug Infosolutions, to imprint a place in its employee's heart, offers a flat, transparent and non-hierarchical work culture that highly values self-managed people. This allows the company to focus on important issues, such as quality, productivity, customer satisfaction and training. Besides, it seeks people who love to work in their kind of environment. This ensures that people look at their work at Navyug not as a job, but as something that they would like to do day-on-day.

Rather than following a mundane HR policy, the company believes and follows the dictum, 'Each one of us should learn and grow every day, because the day you stop learning, you stop evolving and that is a very bad place to be in'. To keep its employees engaged and motivated, Navyug takes initiatives that help them to think outside the box and address challenges with unique solutions. Thus, the theory of learning something every day helps each of its employees to find better ways of doing things to deliver a better customer experience. The company also gives liberty to its employees to question the management on the way they work and suggest better ways if any.

Navyug provides equal opportunities to all. To keep its employees (freshers & experienced) tuned to the latest technologies, the company provides in-house and external trainings from time to time. "We seek freshers who share our values. Then we train them rigorously and groom them into professionals. The ratio of team leads to members is approximately 1:4, with the team leads themselves being young and dynamic. Not that we do not have old times - the real work horses, who are literally wedded to technology. They form the project and program heads," says Sunil Prem, CEO & Director, Navyug Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.

Navyug goes beyond the normal HR policies to provide innovative benefits that include leave encashment, flexi-timings, foods & beverages, and more. Promoting the free flow of communication within the organization, Navyug provides daily discussion forum, weekly & monthly feedback sessions, annual and half year open-houses and annual conclaves away from the office location among others.

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