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MySmartPrice: The Work Aura that Lures You to Follow Your Own Bliss

Kavitha G.
Thursday, May 7, 2015
Kavitha G.
'Do what you love, love what you do'. Needless to say, this philosophy also enables people to enjoy their work and seize work satisfaction, instead of making it yet another tiring job. While most of the companies, especially startups, overlook the essence of enjoying the work, MySmartPrice - India's leading price comparison and shopping research website - loves to walk the different path of providing ample opportunities for the employees to follow their own bliss. "We try to make work as enjoyable as possible. At MySmartPrice, employees work on things they have a natural inclination to and enjoy doing," proudly proclaims Sitakanta Ray, CEO, MySmartPrice.

The late 2010 formed startup was incorporated in Hyderabad by Sitakanta and Sulakshan Kumar - alumnus of IIM & NIT respectively - and since inception, MySmartPrice have been endeavoring to craft the paramount shopping research platform, while their action is driven by a stimulus of the Mantra 'If it is sold online, it's available on MySmartPrice'. From two million users a month to over 20 million visits a month, the venture have grown profoundly to embrace a laurel of India's leading website for online product and price comparison, rubbing shoulders with other coveted entities. With their Android app hitting over 500,000 downloads, the company facilitate the app users in discovering the best offers and deals in various Indian online stores by conducting a comparative study of various sites. The platform also provides expert reviews about various products belonging to different categories ranging from mobile phones, books, laptops and cameras to games.

While MySmartPrice endeavor to show the True Best Price of products by refreshing the prices every 15 minutes, they do not run around huge blitz campaigns to endorse themselves; rather believe in sticking to their strengths of creating a robust product. The same belief has also enabled their employees to join hands together and contribute towards the organic growth of the company. Hierarchies, stressing on long working hours, focusing on hiring the old hands of the industries and even hiring dedicated HR, do not come under the business-must list of this 75 people strong organization as the main emphasis is given solely to congregating the objectives.

The Female-Friendly Zone

Juggling the demands of a professional and personal life is no easy task. Especially for women, who stretch themselves to make their name worth mentioning within the patriarchal society.Balancing their life becomes very imperative, yet challenging, particularly if there is no room for flexibility and conduciveness in the work settings. However, the work ambience at MySmartPrice is not only flexible, but also constructive which has carved a niche space for women to shine through the mundane clutters. The company also has a sexual harassment committee that constitutes only women to provide more secured work zone.

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