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Mithi Software Technologies: Secure, Dependable & Adaptable Collaboration Solutions

si Team
Tuesday, January 10, 2017
si Team
Collaboration technology is the defining platform for the 21st century, and Mithi believes, the benefits of technology should reach the most number of people - so making technology more accessible, useful and affordable have remained the core objectives for it.

The journey of Mithi Software in building collaboration solutions, dates back to 2005, a time when setting up and managing an email infrastructure was costly and complicated; more so when built using Open Source Software. Mithi started its operations by offering email infrastructure solutions to enterprises as a lower cost option based on Open Source Software with easier set-up and management. As email is an application of critical nature for businesses, a lot of Mithi's work over this period centred around making its platform more dependable and secure. "We were not a 'born in the cloud company', we were born as an enterprise software company (on the ground), now moving into the cloud. From being an Enterprise Software player, providing solutions to some of India's largest enterprises, we are moving to offer cloud based solutions to customers of all sizes," says Tarun Malaviya, Founder & CEO.

Making Technology Useful, Usable and Affordable
Centering its brand persona on making technology more accessible, useful and affordable to enterprises of every size, Mithi with its resource efficient engineering and UI/UX design capabilities, is providing solutions with high security, optimized performance and easy manageability at affordable costs. The company leaves no stone unturned to offer better cost customization to meet individual business needs, without compromise on performance. Explaining further, Tarun says, "Our approach to this has been to engineer platforms based on reusable components and objects, which allow us to build enterprise grade products at much lower costs. The background to this is a culture of design thinking, innovation, customer obsession and frugal engineering".

Mithi distinguishes itself in providing Email, Collaboration and Archiving software that help substantially lower the operational costs and boost productivity. Mithi's innovative software have been adopted by organizations of all sizes and spread across many enterprise segments such as Healthcare, Financial Services, Education, Government Organizations, Agro Industries, IT/ITES, Retail and many more.

Speaking of their flagship products, Tarun explains how their Connect Xf, enterprise collaboration platform that delivers high outcomes in very demanding environments, has been leveraged to create SkyConnect, a Cloud based Email & Collaboration Service, served via the AWS Cloud. The service offers even higher reliability, security, scalability and performance.

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