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Mindlogicx Infratec Ltd: Enabling Commoners by Interpreting Knowledge & Powering Competency

si Team
Tuesday, January 24, 2017
si Team
With newer startups & business enterprises popping up with the objective of complementing the entire learning process across the K12 & Higher Education space, there has been more than $100 million investment in the recent past across big brands in the Ed Tech space. Tragically due to their unsorted business model, hardly anybody is able to make profit.While these organizations are wrestling with making user base,2003-born Mindlogicx Infratec is running light years ahead of them by successfully scaling its profitable business model globally with a solid product that imbibes years of tireless work.Embodying the persona of Interpreting Knowledge & Powering Competency, the brand has forged a stellar reputation as not a mere technology company, but a movement empowering people with knowledge that would enable the creation of a knowledge society which would in turn propel the national economy through a knowledge based ecosystem.

Mindlogicx is a sunshine company in its own right by deploying sustainable characteristics in the highly dynamic & evolving disruptive technologies that have the capacity to lead the next wave of disruption and innovation worldwide.Its innovative platform assists the users to access, store, retrieve and reuse implicit & explicit knowledge to power their competency.The company specializes in Knowledge Engineering domain and offers best of its class technology products and solutions for knowledge management, skills enhancement, payment management and e-commerce framework. Knowledge Engineering refers to process of collection, collation, dissemination, processing and delivery of implicit and explicit knowledge using cutting edge technologies. Mindlogicx empowers its users using cutting-edge technologies in this domain.

VEDAS - Making Learning Pervasive

The company has many industry firsts to its credit akin to VEDAS - the world's first intelligent social connect platform which has Mindlogicx's best-of-its-class technology products & solutions for knowledge management, skills enhancement, payment management and e-Commerce framework tightly integrated and interwoven as the single largest technology platform. It delivers compelling services to clients in the verticals of Examination Management System for hassle free high stake examination automation, Knowledge Management System for promoting graduates as 'knowledge workers' and enable them become 'job ready', Payment Management System for establishing a cashless campus for universities through e-wallets for students & faculties and an intelligent & integrated market place for powering eCommerce transactions amongst the user community in a closed loop environment as 'Single Source of Truth'.

VEDAS has become Gold Standard for establishing the global knowledge management & delivery platform that helps knowledge seekers, knowledge providers and every other stake holder (several million graduate students, faculties & universities) worldwide to seamlessly connect, interact & deliver knowledge and manage the same in a closely knit technology enabled eco system.

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Reader's comments(1)
1:Hello Readers,
We are a digital marketing firm based out of Bangalore called Nummero. We have a so called prestigious client called Mindlogicx for whom we had managed their digital marketing project for 6 months, our performance was tremendous and we came on 1st page of search engine on important keywords within 2-3 months and we are able to build a strong brand on social media platform as well.
We have completed our contract in the month of October and we have been paid half of the amount for the project, it%u2019s been more than 220 days we are yet to receive our complete payment we have followed up with them every week which means we have made more than 100 calls reminding them to clear our payments, so every time we speak to them they give us a new date and never honour their commitment and they are experts in giving new dates every time. Recently when we wrote an email to their Director (Finance) Mr. Srijit stating that we have been following up from so many dates and your team is not honouring their commitment, to our email we get a response from him that we will throw the money on your face once we get the approval from our audit team. After making us work for 6 months and making us run from pillar to post for our money, were we have followed up for more than 100 times Mr. Srijit has the audacity to tell us that he will throw the money on our face as if we are beggars and we have come to their office to beg, this is our money & they owe to us for the service we have provided for 6 months.
All the readers please think twice before providing any service to them because this is bullying of the highest order and we are going to take action against them because we have got all emails where they have mentioned to us that payment will be done this week, next week, next day etc..
Beware guys!
https://www.facebook.com/Mindlogicxlimited /
Posted by: Nummero Services - 17th May 2018
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