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MIT Hounors Young Indian Inventors

Roshna Sankar
Friday, April 2, 2010
Roshna Sankar
Young Indian techies have become the center of attraction in the tech world. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Technology Review honored 20 Indians below the age of 35 for their technical innovations at EmTech 2010 Conference, which held on 8th and 9th March in Bangalore. This is the second time for the annual event of MIT’s Technology Review magazine to be held outside the MIT campus.

Kranthi Kiran Vistakula, a postgraduate student of mechanical engineering and technology policy program from MIT, was given ‘The Innovator of the Year’ award for his innovation of ‘heat exchange’ technology. Dhananjaya Dendukuri, CEO and Co-founder, Achira Labs, Bangalore has bagged ‘The Humanitarian of the Year’ award for his innovations in the field of biotechnology and medicine. Rikin B. Gandhi, 28, Founder of Digital Green, Bangalore was selected as the Social Innovator of the Year for finding a solution to help farmers adopt better farming practices.

Inventors from sectors like computer and electronics hardware, medicine and biotechnology, energy, software, telecom, and transportation were honored at the occasion.
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