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Living in the world of Mobile Apps

Sudhir Hasija
Chairman-Karbonn Mobiles
Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Sudhir Hasija
How can one imagine, in today's world, to locate a house without GPS and a supporting navigation app? Or, to search for the best dine-in and home-delivery restaurants in the city? Or simply stay connected to their loved ones who are half way across the globe? According to a research done by Forrester Research,82 percent of the time spent on mobile is spent on apps. This indicates the importance of apps to drive revenues for mobile phones.

The solicitous invention of smartphones and compatible applications has, indeed, transformed our day to day lives. From communication applications to shopping, travel, healthcare, multimedia, banking and so much more, technology has challenged all limitations and traversed them successfully across platforms, which no one could imagine even until five years ago. While competition prompts innovation, innovation then propels development, constantly leveraging the variable lifestyle of today's society. Be it Indian, American or British, whether a young child, a grown professional or retiring predominant, these mobile applications seem to effectively cater to every diverse need.

In a layman's language, you can simply get everything you want or need at your doorstep with a simple click of a button. While some 'basic' applications like WhatsApp, YouTube, VLC, Instagram, Google Maps, news and weather usually come pre-installed in most devices, other advanced and user specific applications like phone security locks, Chrome Web, Skype, multi-language setting applications and much more can be easily installed to always be on the go.

From celebrities to political icons, business tycoons to start-up entities, every realm today enjoys unbiased online representation to the common public, so as to very tenderly and efficiently bridge the gap. Our present Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi himself has voluntarily launched his own mobile app to open the doors to the citizens of this nation and allow them to 'stay connected'. 2014 and 2015 has seen some vital app developments initiated by the Commerce Ministry, noted Insurance firms, pan-India star-rated hotel chains, mobile networks (Vodafone, Airtel, Idea), Airlines giant (Spicejet) and HDFC Securities trading app in 11 regional languages.

Not to mention, the Indian gaming and mobile app start-ups are not too much behind. According to a report by The Economic Times on January 30, 2015, Tech entrepreneurs have been keen on experimenting with PaaS (Platform) and developing new gaming interface with nominal investment. A few existing PaaS providers in India include Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, AWS, Red Hat, OrangeScape, Shephertz and A2Zapps.

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